Upcoming Comics April 1, 2019

Ava shrinks to the age of her little neices.

Really happy with how the latest Yard Work series turned out. Meanwhile, Bojay has been hard at work.

Baby Babysitter: A classic Age Regression comic, with lots of fun AR / AP scenes. Big tease Ava plays a mean trick on her boyfriend when she turns into a little kid! A three part comic.

Lots more comics to come this year, including more Bojay transformation art.

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11 thoughts on “Upcoming Comics

  1. Dracoknight545

    So when do you think the comic will be out? Also what other comics will be seeing in the next month or so?

  2. Steven

    Looking forward to it. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a babysitter regression and an aunt to boot.

    I really don’t understand people asking when comics come out or for updates. DT consistently releases a preview at the start of the month and the comic in middle (around the 15th), with a pack sometime in between. This has been the case for years.

  3. DarkOni

    Looks great! This has a real ‘Week at the Beach’ / ‘AuPair’ feel to it. I get the feeling the boyfriend won’t be frustrated for too long. Curious, didn’t you do a story once where the girlfriend and her friend turn themselves into kids so they won’t be bothered with sexual advances from their boyfriends and it backfires when her little sister makes herself big? Feels like a Dreamtales story but I can’t recall the name or find it.

  4. Hunter S Creek

    Looking forward to future DreamTales works — I am more interested in the possibility of seeing female age progression in the abovementioned upcoming Bojay transformation art than in the age regression mentioned for the upcoming “Baby Babysitter” comic.

    I am hoping that you and Bojay will eventually make a variation of the old milk-does-a-body-good short story from the 2011 “A-B-C Comics”.
    It would be fun to see a comic where very cute young twin girls grow into tall, busty babes while being watched by an awkward, naïve, nerdy, young teenage sitter. During the story, he becomes more and more conflicted as the twins grow more and more attractive.

    At the beginning of the story, at about 7 PM, parents tell their twin girls to behave and to not give the new sitter any trouble. The parents also tell the new sitter that the twins need to be in bed by 9 PM and that they will be back home at 11 PM. The Mom is as tall as the sitter and the Dad is about half-a-head taller than the sitter. The girls are very cute young twins. The tops of their heads come to about the middle of the sitter’s torso.

    As the night progresses it is obvious to the reader that the twins both think that their new babysitter is cute. Of course the sitter is very conscientious regarding his duties as a sitter. He is also inexperienced and naïve regarding girls, so he doesn’t pick-up on the fact that the young twin girls have a crush on him.

    Eventually, just before 9 PM, the sitter sends the twins to their bedroom to change into their pajamas.
    They change, and return wearing two-piece pajamas with button-up-the-front tops.
    The twins ask him if they can have some milk and cookies before going to bed.
    In the kitchen the first twin drinks milk that has apparently soured.
    She reacts to the bad taste, and the panicked sitter rushes to the land-line wall phone to call Poison Control.
    While his back is turned, the first twin grows a couple of inches and develops just a little bit of a bust. The second twin sees this.
    Despite knowing that it will taste bad, the second twin drinks some of the soured milk, too.
    Both twins enjoy a couple of small growth spurts behind his back while the sitter is still is on the telephone.
    By the time that the Poison Control person tells the sitter that he need not worry, the twins have grown to be a head shorter than the sitter.
    When the sitter hangs-up and turns around, he sees that the young twins aren’t so little anymore. Their pajama bottoms are too short, their pajama top sleeves are too short, and the tops are also a little snug.
    At first the babysitter is worried, and isn’t sure what to do.
    But then the twins have another little growth spurt, and the twins notice that the sitter is watching their little breasts grow a little bigger.
    Both twins realize that they have finally been able to pique his interest in them. The twins now are about half-a-head shorter than the sitter.
    The first twin walks toward the interested sitter as the second twin decides to improve her chances with the sitter over those of her sister.
    The second twin takes a huge gulp of the sour milk.
    As the first twin is flirting with the confused sitter, the second twin has a growth spurt.
    The second twin then has another growth spurt which causes one of the buttons of her pajama top to ping off of the sitter’s head.
    The sitter and the first twin turn to see the second twin walking toward them. The second twin is now as tall as the sitter and a cup-size bustier than the first twin.
    The first twin fumes as the sitter stares at the second twin’s bust.
    The first twin decides to even the score with her sister by finishing the soured milk.
    The sitter and the second twin are distracted when the second twin has another growth spurt which makes her a few inches taller than the sitter. The second twin really likes that she is now taller than the sitter.
    Meanwhile, out of sight of the sitter and the second twin, the first sister has a few growth spurts of her own.
    Now the twins are the same size as each other again: and a few inches taller than the sitter.
    Both twins try to win his attention.
    The sitter is conflicted. He is confused by what has happened to the “little” twin girls that he is supposed to babysit — especially because now he is also attracted to those two twins.
    The sitter starts to back away from the twins and ducks into the nearby bathroom.
    While inside the bathroom, he attempts to think and regain his composure.
    Meanwhile, outside the bathroom, the twins realize that they may have scared him, so they decide not to pursue him.
    While the twins wait for the sitter outside of the bathroom door, they approvingly examine their new bodies. They also discuss that it may not be fair or right for them to tempt their sitter.
    Both twins then have another growth spurt.
    Inside the bathroom the sitter has calmed himself by convincing himself that no matter how big or busty or attractive the twin little girls that he was hired to watch may have become; he has an obligation to their parents to remain professional. The sitter does not notice the clock on the bathroom wall indicating that it is three minutes to 11 PM.
    The sitter opens the door with an air of composure and self-control — even though the twins are standing close to him, are now almost a head taller than he is, and their pajama tops are barely containing their huge breasts – he does not look at the twins. The twins have an apologetic air about them.
    But, before the sitter can say anything, and before the twins can apologize to him; the twins begin another series of growth spurts.
    During this series of growth spurts the sitter becomes less and less composed while the twins forget about being apologetic: the twins thoroughly enjoy growing taller and bustier.
    Eventually the sitter ends up being only eye-level with the twins’ four huge, head-sized breasts.
    One twin is amused when she notices that she is almost eye-level with the top sill of the bathroom door; while the other twin enjoys looking down at the top of their sitter’s head.
    Now, being eye-level with them, the sitter can’t avoid looking at the twins’ busts. He notices that the few remaining buttons of the twins’ now wonderfully over-stuffed pajama tops are barely hanging on.
    He gulps when he hears the fabric straining.
    Just then, the twins’ pajama tops both burst open in front of the agog sitter’s face.
    Almost immediately, before any of the three of them can react, the sitter and twins hear a door open from another room and the twins’ parents cheerfully calling the sitter’s name and announcing that they are back.


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