Upcoming Comics April 28, 2019

Little Emily is not so little any more!

More great Age Progression art in Bojay’s classic comic:

Baby Babysitter Two: Part Two has a great female growth Age Progression sequence as Emily grows into a sexy woman. And little Ava realizes she’s at a big disadvantage!

Meanwhile more comics on the way, including other GTS / SW comics!

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15 thoughts on “Upcoming Comics

      1. DarkOni

        Dreamtales, seriously, this is something BoJay should really do. I’ve mentioned it to others and I’m glad it has been mentioned here. A basic computer to scan his drawings, and a basic scanner, and he could be on Patreon making some money each month. He’d pay for the equipment in a month or two. He’d do great. Talk to him. 🙂

        1. SBlitz370

          I want to put my support behind this so badly. I’d instantly subscribe to the highest feasible tier if Bojay did this.

        2. Alec Leamus

          That is what BoJay Premium is supposed to be over at the Ar Archive but…

          On a brighter note I am enjoying this comic so far!

          1. DarkOni

            I’ve seen what most creators get on Patreon. BoJay would make SOOOOOOOOO much more with that model.

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