Upcoming Comics June 3, 2019

Little Ava tries to turn the tables on sexy Emily!

The big Age Regression and Age Progression finale in Bojay’s classic comic!

Baby Babysitter Three: Can shrunken Ava prevail against sexy adult Emily? Or will the adults get reduced to babies?

Lots more comics on the way, including new GTS / SW comics!

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6 thoughts on “Upcoming Comics

  1. Walter

    I said it before and I’ll say it again Emily is going to still remain as a adult and take over Ava’s life and boyfriend. And ava will take Emily’s child life and become hannah new little sister

  2. M

    In part one artists edition you had a scetch of pre reduction in age babysitter manipulating boyfriend saying like a little boy. It would have been nice to have that element in the main plot.

    The negotiation will be to age reduce boy friend to stop him being seduced by now adult child. Twist being of course both reduced to diapers to stop any further future resistance.


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