Upcoming Comics June 28, 2019

Another beautiful GTS lady by Bojay.

Bojay has been really busy lately on some exciting new projects.

Bojay’s GTS Cartoons Three: More great giantess cartoons from the amazing mind of Bojay! All sorts of ideas in this one, with a special emphasis on strong ladies.

Lots more comics on the way, including more new AR and SW comics!

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16 thoughts on “Upcoming Comics

    1. dreamtales Post author

      It’s all one page cartoons featuring giantesses, like the previous Bojay Giantess Collections. I think he’s gotten better over time – these are really detailed and fun. There are some with muscled ladies, that might appeal to strong GTS lovers.

      1. Walter

        I’d will love to see Jackie become the parent and see a new love triangle between selina and Jackie with Martin and leave there mom as a child.

        1. Vader

          This begs the question: Woudn’t some one who age progresses not see how hard it is being an adult?
          I mean I don’t understand the AR/AP at the best of times. But it seems like there would be a hard wall of consequences they are not ready for.

      2. FFan

        please, if you decide to continue the story, I got some ideas, like give the main spot to Jackie this time, the character that gives this comicbook seriesits name
        1) I would like to see her back and growing first into a hot teenager and then slowly progressing into a grown up woman. Maybe you can also age up her new litle friends(if i remember appeared in part 1 and 2
        2) . She has to come back for her payback time against serena and friends.
        3) Jackie will not only get fun and revenge . But maybe she will also learn that grown ups life is not an easy one, taking care of a growing up mom and a reducing serena

  1. Razolio

    I’d love see more SW content detached from AR so we can enjoy something a little more lewd than PG.

  2. Fan

    Could you do a collection of short stories along the lines of “big sister’s revenge” just all the big sisters that have been regressed in your comics over the years turning the tables on their little sisters with even sexier bodies than they ever had, while they turn into toddlers.


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