Upcoming Comics September 27, 2019

Even Mom gets caught up in the age-changing chaos!

The last installment of the Falling Leaves AR comic is coming:

Falling Leaves Part Three: The big finale of the age swapping extravaganza. Sexy Emily fights back against her shrunken sister, while Angela’s little pals make mischief with Weed Shrinker and Super Gro!

More new comics in the works, including the big Bojay project mentioned before!

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11 thoughts on “Upcoming Comics

  1. Chad


    Sorry. I’ve enjoyed pretty much each of the Bojay collaborations and I’m eager to hear about this BIG one.

    Keep up the exceptional work.

  2. Jane

    Looks good! 2 things. When does this come out? And my hard drive crashed with parts 1 and 2. Is there any way to get them back if I show you my receipt?

  3. FFan

    looking good, i´m sure you will make a great closure to this great story. I like the fact you decided to make Angela´s friends grow. I´m waiting to see how the dynamic changes bewteen emily, angela and the now sexy grown ups sisters


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