Upcoming Comics December 3, 2019

Asterion the Minotaur as an awkward teen.

Sorry for the late post, been very busy during the holidays.

Here’s a sneak preview of the  exciting new Bojay project I mentioned before:

The Minotaur: This retelling of the classic ancient tale of the Minotaur, a half-man half-beast, focuses on what it might be like to have a Minotaur in the family. As you can see, Bojay’s artwork is incredible, really some of his best work ever.

The original Minotaur story itself has some pretty amazing features. Its themes include sexual obsession, mind control, physical transformations, sibling rivalry between two sisters, and much more. This version features:

  • Aphrodite as a nude giantess casting erotic spells on her hapless humans;
  • Lots of beautiful ladies including Helen of Troy;
  • Minoan fashions, which famously featured topless women;
  • A shape changing Poseidon;
  • Fantasy creatures including Satyrs, Nymphs, Centaurs, and more;
  • The daughter Ariadne marries Dionysus, the God of Wine, Women and song, who has a retinue of nude Wild Women.

I’m thinking of using another platform like Kickstarter as it might appeal to a wider audience. What do you think?

This comic is still underway and is NOT yet ready for publication. I’ll post the preview of this month’s comic in a few days. 

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16 thoughts on “Upcoming Comics

    1. William

      You should work more on the female’s bodies in your works, It will be great if Luke’s Mom in yard work be like this: http://fav.me/d8ncdav or http://fav.me/d8nce2l or http://fav.me/d8ncebn or http://fav.me/d8ncnxs or http://fav.me/d6m5jv9 or http://fav.me/da8vgbu or she gets so big to work in a ship: http://fav.me/d8npcxk
      The hot Milfs make very nice scenes in the comics, I hope I give you the ideas for continue yard work and the Mom’s scenes 😉

  1. Vader

    Sorry I know nothing about kickstarter.

    I was never really interested in such literature. So I can’t say one way or another about it.

    1. v00d00

      Sounds interesting. Not really into animal transformation, seems too close to beastiality for my liking – and we already have publishers like okayokayokok that produces a lot of that – however the rest of it, like the nude wild ladies, sibling rivalry, sounds good!
      I’m not a fan of kickstarter either. A few comic publishers have stuff there, but it seems to take forever for them to release stuff, if at all.

  2. FFan

    Hi dreamtales, I loved what you did in the “falling leaves” and “Baby Babysitter” series. I think some elements from that series can be used to make a “Little Joker ” follow up. I´m sorry if I botter you, I know that for now you have your hands full of new interesting proyects. But some fans, includding me, think it would be great if you consider to bring back the Little Joker´s history next year
    I Have some Ideas:
    1) to start the story, the growth hormones make Serena older like 50 or 60 years old, Martin helps her with some machine from his factory (similar to the used on Baby babysitter ) storing like 20 years from serena
    2) Jackie with help of her 2 little friends from part 2 steal the machine and together try to figure out how it works while been at school. Jackie accidentally turns her friends into hot teenagers. (like in “Falling leaves” I loved the fact that angela had two friends that helped her against Emily and also how detailed was their age progression).
    3) Jackie knows how the machine works, and steals some years from her teacher, transforming herself into a teenager ( while turning her teacher back to the top of her youth).
    4)Back at her home, Jackie tricks serena turning her into a teen and then into a kid. While she grows into a full grown up. Jackie´s final revenge concludes when Martin falls for her new grown up body. After that the story can focus on jackie learning that a grown up life is not as easy or funny as her thougth. but it has some benefits.

    1. dreamtales Post author

      Thanks, that’s a fun outline. Unfortunately I’m not into AP to older ladies, but the other parts sound great. I do like those characters and would lie to do more with them.

  3. Tommy

    Not really my cup of tea, but exciting to see you expand your themes. I’d love to see gender bending body swapping!

  4. lei

    In my opinion, you’d better focusing on your own theme but not try to expand it. Most of us become your fans because you are the best role swap artist. After all fetish is a very exclusive thing.

  5. Casual Nudity fan

    That’s some interesting original plot for sure!

    I absolutely love the casually bare breasted woman we can spot on this preview. Hope there’s more of it! 😀

    1. dreamtales Post author

      Thanks, the original story is actually pretty nutty, and we’re using it as a starting point.

      There is LOTS of casual nudity throughout, so if you like that you’ll love this comic!

  6. CarterMA14Riggs

    Hi Dreamtales, I’m a huge fan of Yard Work. I understand if your too busy to make more chapters anytime soon. But when you do, I’ve got the next idea for it. Do you remember at the end of chapter 15 when Nicole was talking to Luke about wanting her giantess fetish to come true? Then she invited him to her birthday party next week and asked him to surprise her with a gift? Well what if Luke did managed to make Nicole’s giantess fetish come true?!?! What if at the party, Luke got Nicole a very special present for her shall we say… The Fast Acting Super Gro! Nicole’s dream of being a giantess finally comes true as she grows up to be 100 ft tall completely naked and stacked. Luke and Nicole finally share their feelings for each other. Luke loves Nicole no matter how big she is, and Nicole loves Luke no matter how small he is. With that being said, Luke officially proposes to Nicole in her hand as she humbly accepts! Then she and Luke celebrate by having sex in the neighborhood like there’s no tomorrow! Even the special guests in the story, Amy, the Nurse, Beth, and all of the Moms (Luke’s Mom, Beth’s Mom, And Nicole’s Mom) get in on the action spraying each other with the Super Gro until they all grow up to giant size with the moms being the biggest. Everybody is naked and horny as they all have sex in the neighborhood in a spectacular giantess orgy! However when the fun is over the next day, they realize that the company who made the Fast Acting Super Gro has been shut down by the federal government and there’s no way to shrink everybody back down again because they have confiscated all of the shrink and growth formulas. Now Luke and Nicole will have to learn how to deal with their new profound giantess relationship each and every day, while also dealing with the angry mob of giant women who are hot on their tails! Will they make it to their wedding? Can they find a new way to shrink everybody back to normal? Or will things go from bad to worse? I let you decide how this story goes, if you decide to create it, but this is just an idea of mine. As a macrophiliast myself I admire your work and I can’t thank you enough for the effort you’ve put into making these giantess stories. I do have one request though… If you consider my idea, then I would appreciate it if Luke and Nicole get married because I really enjoy this couple! They always were my favorites!

    1. dreamtales Post author

      Thanks, that sounds like a really fun story, I’ll definitely consider it. Really glad yo like Luke and the Yard Work gang, they’re my faves too. I have been busy with other stuff, hope to return to them soon. Nicole does need to have her birthday party!


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