Upcoming Comics December 11, 2019

Cathy goes from the biggest girl in school to the smallest!

This month’s comic is a classic Bojay AR/AP story:

Cathyn Nogrow: Is it possible to have an Age Regression comic without any AR? Well this comes pretty close.

Cathy Nogrow is the tallest girl in First Grade, and the shortest kid in High School. Follow Cathy grade by grade as her friends and rivals slowly outgrow her. Some really fantastic AP artwork by Bojay, the master of growing girls.

This might be posted a bit later than normal, but still this month.

The Minotaur: Thanks so much for the very helpful feedback on this comic project. It seems most have a preference for posting the comic here.

I may still cross post the comic to Kickstarter, just to get more exposure to new readers. Some projects there have been late, but that’s the creator’s fault, not the platform. As I do here, I will be sure not to post anything unless it’s ready to sell right away.

I’m also thinking of posting a variant version here, with more focus on shrinking / growing and some AR / AP.

BTW if you like casual nudity there is lots of it throughout!

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22 thoughts on “Upcoming Comics

    1. Karo L.

      I second this motion. Your recent and upcoming work looks more bizarre then what I usually prefer. I love female age progression/minigiantess growth and sadly, there’s been a real shortage of that kind of story lately here.

      Also, here’s an interesting variant on the “never growing up” theme you’re suggesting your new story centers on: How about a pretty teenage girl that’s really popular and teases her tiny 4 year old sister a lot. Then in a modern variant of Rip Van Winkle, she’s in an accident of some kind and is put in an experimental cryogenic freeze for 14 years to heal her slowly. When she wakes up, not only has the whole world transformed, but her once tiny little sister is now a gorgeous, amazonian, curvy 18 year old beauty queen that towers over her! At first, it’s time for some payback from the formerly “little” sister-but as time goes on and the reality of what’s happened sinks in, things become more serious and the girl out of time begins to enjoy having a big sister-especially since her former kid sister is now in addition, a wonderful human being.

      You can have that plot idea for free, you’re welcome……….lol

      1. qzar

        Yes, sadly we have only AR and SW comics, I like to see more of growing women, especially I missed yard work amazing growing Mom.

        1. Karo L.

          Tell you what: I’ll compromise with the “Growing MILF” people. I’ll be ok with Growing Mom stories if a) Minigiantess is as big as they get and b) they’re also AR stories where the women grow younger in the process and are in their 20’s or 30’s by the time they reach maximum size.

          How’s that? Deal?


          1. Justin Brown

            Im not one of those growing MILF only people, but I have always wanted a growth story were the trade off is that the bigger they get, the younger they get.

          2. qzar

            I don’t say only Milfs growing, but I say the older females should get bigger, so Moms are the biggest always.

          3. Vader

            When it comes to AP/AR I never did like the idea of passing the 18 years old limit.
            Which means characters younger than 18 don’t age to or past that. Nor do characters that are older don’t regress past that.

            So keeping them in there 20s and 30s is nice.

  1. Vader

    I’m not sure I understand the premise of Cathy Nogrow. Is it she gets older mentally but her body stays the same age?
    Because that is an interesting take on the AR sort of thing. Though the age thing is a barrier to me.

    Seems like everyone still wants more Yard Work. 🙂

    Contrary to everyone else, I would like a slowly shrinking Mom story. A side comic like the Yard Work Meteor Pack.
    I don’t have any good ideas at the moment. Maybe I can come up with something workable later.

    1. v00d00

      I’d definitely also like a shrinking story, mom story would be cool, but anything shrinking would be good!

      Maybe with a bratty daughter that acts up, the mom disciplines the daughter, but then starts to slow shrink, (accident at work? Spilt chemical?) allowing the daughter to get some revenge! She spanks her, humiliates her, keeps her in a doll house etc

        1. v00d00

          There’s literally dozens of mom growth comics on this site alone. Yard Work has loads of mom growth chapters.
          The idea behind mom shrinking with daughter, is role reversal. Similar to older sister shrinking down past younger sister. The normally in control mother ends up under the control of the bratty daughter.

          1. kong

            It’s just in some chapters of yard works, but there lots of works where we have the growing girls and small moms and …
            be wise please, thank you!

        2. Vader

          I think this place needs a forum.

          Not really the kind of story I was thinking of. A general outline to follow.

          In a side story to Yard Work. Everyone is mostly back to normal. Luck and Amy are mostly getting along. Focus is on Mom going on dates with a new guy. The antidote for Mom was unstable. The dates go well but they just are not compatible and at the end both decide to remain friends.

          Though the week of dating Mom is constantly shrinking. Going from 6 feet tall to 3.5 inches tall. The guy stays to help. He is a real gentleman. Amy likes him and Luke gets a bit protective. At the end Mom is 5 foot 8 inches tall.

          I could go on in detail. But I think everyone get the general idea.

          1. kong

            Why you like to ruin every idea?!
            What’s wrong with you guys? do you like kid porn and …
            like the past parts a comic can divide to 2 parts, girls part and mom part, but I say in the mom part she must grow big, but if you like shrinking, why not girls get smaller?
            also, I hope you have a job in real because it seems you are free alway!

          2. V00d00

            I don’t know why you have to be such a dick kong! Just accept other people want different types of stories, not just giantess mother stuff! If anyone has issues, I’d say you do, as you seem to have an Oedipal complex, with you constant mother fixation!

      1. v00d00

        Aww, poor little kong, did I upset you? Such a witty come back! Maybe go back and your mommy will let you suckle, that seems to be what you’re after! As for getting it all for myself? I’ve written stories, done 200+ collages, and commissioned half a dozen other stories for the community. What have you ever done? apart from constantly demand what you want, like a thirty little Oedipus!

  2. Justin Brown

    Love the looks of the upcoming bjoay comic. I was wondering how would I get of hold him and Im intersted in maybe commissioning a comic done by him.


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