Yard Work Complete January 11, 2019

601 pages, Color, US$139.99
Female Growth, Shrinking Men, Age Regression, Giantess
Artwork by Yuan

I’ve been asked to set this up, so here you go!

Get the entire Yard Work saga – all sixteen chapters – for a reduced price! Find out what all the buzz is about.

Parts One through Sixteen of the multi-part series that explores – in minute detail – what happens as a big older brother shrinks while his irritating little sister grows. Follow Luke and Amy as they experience a huge role reversal!

If you ever wanted to get into the Yard Work series, this is your chance. See what all the buzz is about!

“This series is the best I’ve ever seen, on this site or any other site.”
“Absolutely Amazing”
“The artwork is amazing. The attention to detail is wonderful.”
“Brilliant work!”

This package features over 600 pages of top quality artwork as Luke shrinks and his sister, mom and girlfriend grow. Multiple themes include Giantess, Mini-GTS, Female Growth, Age Regression, and Age Progression!

Sample illustrations including all covers (PDF file)

US$ 139.99

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The Yard Work Complete includes the following comics:

Yard Work Part One
Yard Work Part Two
Yard Work Part Three

Yard Work Part Four
Yard Work Part Five
Yard Work Part Six

Yard Work Part Seven (Mini-GTS)
Yard Work Part Eight (Shrinking Women)
Yard Work Part Nine (Mega GTS)

Yard Work Part Ten (Shrinking Women and Men)
Yard Work Part Eleven (Age Progression and Shrinking)
Yard Work Part Twelve (Mini GTS and Shrinking Women)

Yard Work Part Thirteen (Male AR, Female AP)
Yard Work Part Fourteen (Mini GTS and Giantess)
Yard Work Part Fifteen (Mini GTS and Giantess)
Yard Work Part Sixteen (Mini GTS and Giantess)

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24 thoughts on “Yard Work Complete

  1. dani

    One of the best giantess comics ever because of great art and story and the Mom has made this comic perfect and lovely!

  2. Anon

    Could we see some age regression with the mother and Amy takes over as head of the house? Or an even bigger twist the father and his girlfriend return for some revenge? They could take the growing fluid for themselves and become a titanic couple, teasing the mother for thinking she was so big and hot.

  3. Fm003

    Si L ex marito e la compagna debbono essere riutilizzati … hanno un grande potenziale … sopratutto la compagna vorra’ vendicarsi e far vedere chi è donna alfa … fm003

  4. Tommy

    Yard Work is an outstanding achievement. I’m so grateful for all the hard work you’ve put into it. Can’t wait for more!

  5. rod

    Mom is the best ,she is adorable and so lovely ,i will buy this series only for her ,i wish to see more of her and i want her bigger and taller than ever!

  6. Vader

    Yard Work is my favorite series on Dreamtales. I already had the whole series before Yard Work complete. It has lots of great scenes and a good story. I like Mom and Luke and Nicole. Amy is hit or miss with me. I would like to see Amy and Luke not fighting with each other. I do like the Luke/Nicole and Luke/Mom interactions.

    I definitely recommend giving this a read through.

  7. Justin

    Love yard. Love to see more characters and maybe a giga giantess. While im not as Mom crazy as some of the mom zealots on here I would love to see mom and Luke hook up.

    1. topcat

      I love yard work too, I love it for the Mom,I like it when she start growing big and busty ,I want to see Hook up bewteen Luke and Mom and Mom grows bigger and bustier meanwhile about 12 ft would be perfect ,Mom is wonderful character and i hope to see more growing Moms in other works too.

  8. Vader

    I went back through the series reading all the comments. Lots of interesting things has been said. People are split into their own camps.
    Two of my favorite parts are 8 and 10. Parts 9, 11 and 13 are the worst for me. I’m a mom fan and I like giantess and shrinking women. Would like it if all the secondary characters are back to normal size again.

    I know there are some people who have grown tired of Yard Work. But I can’t help but think of new ideas just to see it continue. Mostly of mom, Nicole and Luke. I don’t really like Amy.

    1. dreamtales Post author

      Sorry for the late reply. I like the idea of a”reboot” with everyone back to normal size.

      If you have ideas for future chapters let me know!

      1. Vader

        I hope you got my email.

        How about a simple idea?

        Have mom with Amy and Nichole shopping. Then have mom start shrinking. Then have Nichole carry her home, hidden between her breasts. No room to carry her safely anywhere else. Luke at normal size gets frisky and grabs Nichole’s breast and kisses her. Mom starts climbing out and tells Luke to stop that.

  9. Eddy Murphy

    When in the world will we see Amy suffer a bout of shrinking? She’ s been tormenting Luke from day one and need to have a little retribution. Maybe something with Nicole also shrinking, and the “medical” experts tell them that the only way to grow is for them to stimulate each other sexually with orgasms. Both somehow end up on top of Luke’s erection.

  10. Marco

    While I enjoy the new versions like meteor and Amy’s sleepover, I still think it’s a shame that the original Yard Work never got an actual ending like most other Dreamtales comics. I feel like the actual plot stopped progressing in Yard Work 6 in 2013 pr kinda Yard work 11. I think a conclusion to the original Yard Work would be great


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