Yard Work Meteor Pack (Parts 17-19) May 3, 2019

Luke is caught between Nicole and sexy neighbor Beth!

104 pages, Color, US$32.99
Female Growth, Shrinking Men, Age Progression, Giantess
Artwork by Yuan

The latest three chapters of Yard Work, featuring Luke, Nicole and his cute neighbor Beth. A strange meteor causes Luke to shrink when aroused, while Nicole and Beth grow and grow!

See what happens when Luke (who shrinks when he gets aroused) makes love with Nicole (who grows when Luke shrinks)? Meanwhile little Beth grows into a sexy Mega-Giantess.

“Amazing…simply put. The story development, the artwork and the progression were all great. My favorite of the series so far.”

“I love it! Not only was the artwork spectacular, as usual for Sedna Studio, but it also added a brand new plot. Since Luke now shrinks when he gets aroused, this provides for some VERY interesting scenarios to unfold… Altogether, it was yet another immersive and sexy installation to this iconic Dream Tales series!”

“This was phenomenal! Great work, Dreamtales & team. Yard Work is the gift that keeps on giving.”

This package features over 100 pages of top quality artwork as Luke shrinks and his little neighbor Beth and girlfriend grow. Multiple themes include Giantess, Mini-GTS, Female Growth, and Age Progression!

Sample illustrations (PDF file)

Yard Work Meteor Pack includes the following comics:

Yard Work Part Seventeen (Male Shrinking, Female AP)
Yard Work Part Eighteen (Mini GTS and Giantess)
Yard Work Part Nineteen (Mini GTS and Giantess)

You can see the other parts of Yard Work here.

US$ 32.99

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6 thoughts on “Yard Work Meteor Pack (Parts 17-19)

  1. qzar

    Perfect work especially the last part and the Mother was the best and wonderful one and I hope to see more of her in the future with more growth.

  2. Coolguy

    Nice work. Maybe show amy’s future or include kaityln and Bethany next time. They could get as big as amy or her mom and luke could get even smaller. You could also explore them having brothers getting smaller and their mothers getting bigger.

  3. TheDude4694

    I gotta tell ya, I’m constantly confused by this series in terms of the in-universe logic of what’s going on & why. I know this is for fetish material, but nothing makes any kind of consistent sense. Sometimes it’s shrinking & growing, sometimes it’s age regression, sometimes it seems to be both. Sometimes it’s caused by reasons out of the characters’ controls, sometimes it’s caused by their emotions, sometimes it’s caused by their sex drive, sometimes it’s caused by shrinking &/or growing potions like int hat one episode of Spongebob where Squidward grew because of that Kelp Grow stuff. Most of the time, the main guy is the one shrinking or growing (mostly shrinking) just to seem funny even though it’s more awkward than not. If the story were more than just these recurring problems, or made any kind of consistent sense, or were hotter than, “Oh my god, these hot women grew & shrank out of these clothes. Jerk off, pervs!”, I could maybe overlook it, but this story is stagnant & just uninteresting on most standpoints. How does the author not tire with writing the same stuff over & over again? It would bore ME to death. And the few times there’s anything happening that’s different, it’s usually over too quick. Come one, have the main dude accidentally have sex with his sister or something. You’ve built up THEIR sexual tension enough by now (yes, I know that’s incest, but you people reading this comic are into giantess & shrinking fantasies. Incest is REALLY where you draw the line?). Something NEEDS to be done by the time the next batch of these chapters drops, otherwise there’s no hope for this story.


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