Yard Work Nineteen March 14, 2019

Beth keeps growing while her admirers shrink.

38 pages, Color, US$11.99
Female Growth, Mini_Giantess, Shrinking Men
Artwork by Yuan

The big finale as Luke and Nicole battle their sexy neighbor Beth. Lots of shrinking, growing and sex!

Story Summary: What happens when Luke (who shrinks when he gets aroused) makes love with Nicole (who grows when Luke shrinks)? Plus a really big Nicole / Beth showdown as the girls grow to giant size! (This is the last chapter in this story arc).

Note: This is Part Nineteen of a Multi-Part Series You can see the other parts of Yard Work here.

Sample illustrations

Regular Edition for US$ 11.99

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Artist’s Edition for US$ 13.99
This Artist’s Edition  includes (1) 38 pages of original sketch drawings plus (2) 38 pages of uncolored inked and sketch drawings that show the amazing detail of the original art. Get 114 total pages of great art! 

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25 thoughts on “Yard Work Nineteen

  1. Ed

    Great chapter and ending to this Arc. I know you are going to take a break from YW series again. I really hope next time you show us what happened to Amy’s growth spurts at ramdom times ( and since she was exposed to more weed gro she could even go mega, wishful thinking )

      1. nicolas

        How about if in the next chapter you include Amy s friends again or maybe yo can create a boyfriend for Amy someone who is a friend of Luke and Amy s has a crushed with him but he begans to get younger

  2. phoneix

    Really nice part, I loved this. the Mom could use more of the growth potion too, however, she is really amazing, thanks for the lovely series.

  3. qzar

    Excellent part dreamtales!
    The Mother growth was amazing and lovely, Hope to see more of her and Luke’s Mom as huge Moms for small kids in future parts.

  4. Vader

    This is the best of the tree. Like the focus on Luke and Nicole at the start. A decent resolution as well.
    Just one question. What happens to everyone that grew and shrank?

    1. dreamtales Post author

      That’s kind of the perennial question, right? I could do a sequel, but the fun part is the growing / shrinking.

      Maybe Mom and Beth work for the circus?

      1. Vader

        Yes the growing and shrinking is the fun part.
        I Just I have this need to know if everyone gets returned to normal size, that I can’t switch off.

        As for a sequel, Beth I’m unsure. Mom could use her new size for good. Like a life guard or helping in construction. Just don’t forget the shrunken men. They need happiness too.

      2. Tommy

        Love the circus idea! The whole family could pitch in to make some dough. I don’t think Mom would be pleased to notice pervs sneaking into Amy’s pantie!

  5. William

    I like this giantess Mom so much, I hope you have more plans for her and don’t return her to normal size and return Luke’s Mom to big play too.

  6. nicolas

    you should include Amy s friends again or maybe create a boyfriend for Amy, maybe a friend from Luke that gets younger

  7. critic master

    I have a great idea for your next story include kaitlin and bethany again growing into bigger amazons bt not too big with another guy shrinking. Or have the gang on holiday like in 16.

  8. dude

    this was great what a good story arc. hey have more of Amy’s friend grow along with those volleyball player. you could also iclude the nurse growing bigger.

  9. phoneix

    The best part, I would like to like to see Luke’s giantess Mom with Beth’s giantess Mom and maybe Nicole’s giantess Mom together in front of their small families.

  10. m

    Beth’s mom is amazing but Luke’s mom is the best Mom, return the girls normal sizes and keep moms huge, please.
    Can’t wait for more parts and more of the huge Moms!


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