Crybaby Part Five September 13, 2020

Baby Lois regresses as Lana seduces Superman!

27+9 pages, B&W, US$ 10.99
Age Progression, Age Regression
Artwork by Bojay

The concluding Part Five of this classic Age Regression comic series features the ultimate in age regression as Lois shrinks into Lana’s womb!

Embryo Lois (Crybaby Part Five): Lois has an amazing adventure in Lana’s womb! Shrunk to micro-preemie size, Lois experiences a flood of Super-sperm, meets Lana’s giant egg and watches as Lana’s sexy daughter is created. Really a very unique story, with some of Bojay’s best artwork!

“Crybaby Part Five” has 27 multi-panel black and white story pages, plus another 9 pages of very detailed concept art and sketches. 36 total pages!

Sample illustrations

US$ 10.99

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4 thoughts on “Crybaby Part Five

  1. ForeShadow

    Not going to lie…

    This is the hottest one you’ve ever made (aside from MATING WARS…I’d love to see the two concepts married together!).

    I LOVED it. : |

  2. FrenchyArs

    I was waiting for a micro-preemie size image. They was rare, but realy great. I would appreciate an other comic with a real preemie size and more pages with the size and less page with the downsizing. It’s my taste. Thanks for your good work.


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