Crybaby Pack One November 5, 2020

Lana gloats as Lois slowly shrinks!

98 pages, Color and Black & White, US$29.99
Age Regression, Diapering, Breast Expansion
Artwork by Bojay

Get the first three Crybaby comics for a special price!

Lots of great Bojay and Yuan art in this updated version of the classic Lois Lane story, the Crybaby of Metropolis. Lois slowly regresses to a teen, a young girl and finally a helpless infant. The hapless infant Lois is forced to watch as her sexy rival Lana puts the moves on Superman!

The Crybaby Pack includes the following comics:
Crybaby Part One
Crybaby Part Two
Crybaby Part Three

Sample illustrations (PDF File)

You can see the original Crybaby of Metropolis comic here.

Or buy on Selz

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