The Minotaur Part One February 14, 2020

Aphrodite casts a spell on Queen Pasiphae!

30 pages, B&W, US$ 9.99
Giantess, Mind Control
Artwork by Bojay

This retelling of the classic ancient tale of the Minotaur, a half-man half-beast, focuses on what it might be like to have a Minotaur in the family. As you can see, Bojay’s artwork is incredible, really some of his best work ever.

Plot Summary: A nude giantess Aphrodite casts a love spell on King Minos’ wife Pasiphae, after Pasiphae angers the Gods. This sets in motion the scenario that creates the Minotaur – a half-man, half-beast. We are also introduced to their two daughters Ariadne and Phaedra, who grow to become important demi-gods themselves (Ariadne eventually marries Dionysus, the God of Wine Women and Song). And did you know that Minoan culture featured topless women fashions?

Themes in the first chapter alone include sexual obsession, mind control, and feature Aphrodite as a nude giantess casting erotic spells on her hapless humans. Plus lots of beautiful ladies including a topless Queen Pasiphae!

US$ 9.99

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14 thoughts on “The Minotaur Part One

        1. v00d00

          WTF are you smoking? Stop constantly commenting! And it’s called “Yard Work” not “Gardening Work” dumbass! If you like it so much you should know the name! The name is literally on the page!

  1. CarterMA14Riggs

    I agree with Idiots Everywhere. fiscal general, if you’re gonna make a comment to dreamtales, don’t do it so consecutively. Wait until the publishers have the time to respond back to your questions. They’re extremely busy with their work, and they can’t always answer you right off the back. Be patient.

  2. TJ

    Aphrodite knows how to get revenge. Wonder how Daedalus reacts when Pasiphae tells him her secret? I hope Aphrodite encourages the inventor to take his time making the Queen her cow, she should have to suffer a bit first.

    1. More of the same

      But the romance between the two has definitely begun. Pasiphae now has to decide to ask her husband permission for a little affair or try to hide it. Either way it’s happening


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