The Minotaur Part Three April 14, 2020

Queen Pasiphae feeds Asterion, the baby Minotaur!

36 pages, B&W, US$ 11.99
Transformation, Age Progression
Artwork by Bojay

Asterion the Minotaur joins the family, while little Phaedra becomes a buxom beauty!

Plot Summary: Asterion the baby Minotaur grows – as do his sisters Ariadne and Phaedra! The girls have a coming out ceremony where they appear topless in public for the first time. Aphrodite casts an Age Progression spell, turning cute little Phaedra into a tall buxom knockout.

Sample illustrations

US$ 11.99

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7 thoughts on “The Minotaur Part Three

  1. Reviewer

    I like that you are trying something new. Keep up the good work. There is a few things i would to let you know to maybe help on the site page.. Can you please inform us if you are thinking or doing a new yard work comic let us know please People really want to know if there is going to be any. Let us know when the comic will come out has well please.


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