Superteen vs the Alien Menace October 15, 2020

The Alien ray turns Frank’s Mom into a sexy bombshell!

24 pages, Color, US$9.99
Female Growth, Shrinking, BE
Artwork by PalComix

A classic female growth and shrinking comic with great art by PalComix. Lots of shrinking, growing, breast expansion and more!

Story Summary: Suzy, Frank and Marilyn and become test subjects when tiny green aliens visit the Earth. Their ray gun shrinks sexy Marilyn into a little squirt and turns her little rivals into voluptuous knockouts! And introducing a sexy new character — Frank’s Mom!

Sample illustrations

US$ 9.99

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24 thoughts on “Superteen vs the Alien Menace

  1. Way Yellow

    I have to say, I was really disappointed with this one. After so much AR, I was ready for a return to shrinking and growing. Instead, this is pretty much more AR/AP with an odd incest moment.

  2. v00d00

    Very sexy! Really enjoyed this. Great to see Suzy and Marilyn back in action! Frank’s still a jerk, but his mom’s smoking hot!

    Only 1 small error: on page 24, Frank’s mom is asleep and wearing thigh high tights, then when she wakes up on page 25, she’s not wearing then any longer, they suddenly disappear!

    Apart from that, great comic. I hope in part 2 we’ll see some girl on girl action? Little Marilyn on sexy Suzy or Frank’s mom?

  3. William

    Wonderful comic, Frank’s Mom is so hot and awesome, I wish to see her bigger and hotter, I want to see her growing taller and bustier when Frank touches her body!

  4. kong

    Amazing, I like huge mom and tiny son scenes together, it will be good if in the next chapter Frank’s mom have much bigger boobs and she grows over 12ft tall with a thick body! growing moms make everything better always 😉

  5. FFan

    Hi dreamtales, hope you´re ok. It´s great to see the AR / FG/ AP trope back. Love your art. Known your got your hands full of great new coming works but i would be great if you reconsider bringing back little joker back. with jackie´s revenge as the main plot , an AP/AR chaos at her school. old teachers being back at the top of their youth while jackie and her friends ( introduced on little joker´s parts 1 and 2 ) grow into teens then into hot grown women even could put Mandy in the mix (maybe bringing an age changing device to the story).
    And the final showdown beetwen jackie and serena

  6. qzar

    Finally a lovely work after Yard work, this will be the perfect series if Frank’s mom growing bigger and hotter each time, she is the best, I wish to see more scenes of her at bigger sizes in comparison to Frank.

  7. Fredrik Gustafsson

    Man this art is great! You can see PalComix is improving each new comic, really appreciate all the different expressions/faces in this one compared to some of the earlier work

    Looking forward to the next one, take your time!

  8. gts

    This is fantastic work, I love hot giant mom and tiny son scenes, I like to see more of the growing moms in your works, it will be good if Frank’s mom gets so huge that she walks into the home hardly and Frank rub her great body every day and make her goddess mom happy…

  9. Vader

    I was finally able to read this comic.

    I’m still not a fan of AR/AP but it was handled well in this. I would have liked more of the pure shrinking and growth.
    The breasts expansion is good. It is enough to be a big change but it didn’t go overboard. Frank’s mom is great in the comic. Marilyn and Suzy so a nice job in their scenes. Frank and the aliens do a good job advancing the story.

    A decent comic for AR/AP, breasts expansion and light shrinking/growing. The art looks really good. The story is fun and not bogged down with filler.


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