Superteen vs the Alien Menace Three December 12, 2020

A shrunken Frank tries to fight back!

23 pages, Color, US$9.99
Female Growth, Male Shrinking
Artwork by PalComix

Pretty much everyone grows in this fun GTS / SM finale!

Story Summary: Suzy’s girlfriends grow and Frank just keeps shrinking in this fun size-changing finale. Superteen has a showdown with the female Alien who has some surprising shape changing powers, and what happens to Marilyn and Mom? Lots of female GTS growth!

This is the last of three parts.

Sample illustrations

US$ 9.99

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9 thoughts on “Superteen vs the Alien Menace Three

  1. Zahsorx

    I like the comic, but one thing we’ve never seen is Suzy as a baby only Frank and Marilyn. That’s something to consider for another comic.

  2. FFan

    Love this one. a nice way to conclude a great story. Like how the age progression was handled with suzy´s friends.
    Dreamtales, I Know you got your hands full of great new upcoming works, but it would be great if you still reconsider bringing back little joker for 2021. Jackie´s revenge, an age progression/regression chaos at school, jackie´s little friends (from part 1 and 2) growing up , even mom and Martin could be involved between jackie and serena´s final confrontation.

  3. William

    Really nice chapter, I like giantess growth and giantess moms, Frank’s mom is really awesome, I love the ending sizes, I wish we had more of the mom with that size, she should stay huge forever and Frank tries to keep her happy, great work!

  4. Vader

    That is a nice ending. I do so enjoy seeing tiny people between breasts. It’s nice to see the girls liking their sizes.
    The growing out of clothes is good. I don’t mind that Frank’s mom didn’t get a lot of focus. Though the ending feels like a set up to another story with her.

    Overall it is a good series. A fun story with great art work.

  5. Walter

    Dreamtales I want to say that 2020 has been a tough year. But you still deliver good comics and in 2021 is going to be great. So I was thinking that if would consider bringing back Precocious Polly back. Next Year please?

  6. qzar

    Merry Christmas dreamtales!
    Thanks for great works this year, I wish to see more growing moms in your works the next year 😉

  7. Mister AGF

    Great, I loved it! So great that the age progression caused complete clothes destruction and full nudity ^^.
    It trully shows how much they’ve grown ^^.

  8. Test

    i loved what happened to the mother in the end, but it was missed chance to see her grow while he was shrinking instead of getting hotter


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