Upcoming Comics March 2, 2020

Aphrodite’s strange spell turns Queen Pasiphae into a cow.

Part Two of the Minotaur saga is up this month!

Chapter Two: King Minos’ wife Pasiphae, under the command of Aphrodite’s love spell, feels herself turning into a cow. This chapter features an amazing woman to cow transformation sequence, plus a giantess Aphrodite and lots of nude ladies. And we finally see the creation of the Minotaur!

Several more comics are in the works, including both AR and GTS themed stories. Stay tuned!

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6 thoughts on “Upcoming Comics

  1. kong

    So nothing about yard work? it seems we lost this great work in this year and only there are boring comics…

  2. Iggy

    Well I for one found the first one interesting. I wanna to see more Minoan topless women roaming the streets!

  3. Dave

    I’m all for experimenting but who asked for this? doesn’t seem like the DT demographic, hopefully there are some great AR/AP content in the future this year.


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