Upcoming Comics April 4, 2020

Phaedra and Ariadne fight over their baby brother, the Minotaur!

The Minotaur features Age Progression and Age Regression scenes this month!

Chapter Three: The baby Minotaur grows – as do his sisters Ariadne and Phaedra! Aphrodite casts another spell, turning cute little Phaedra into a tall buxom knockout.

We’ll take a break in the Minotaur story after this chapter. Several more comics are in the works, including both AR and GTS themed stories.

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12 thoughts on “Upcoming Comics

  1. FFan

    I hope you bring back the little joker series, a plot centered around jackie´s revenge would be great, maybe for part one she and her little friends steal some tool from Martin before going to school. they learn how the machine works by experimenting with some classmates and teachers. Once they know how the machine works ( like the “age control” from baby babysitter series) the girls transform gradually into teenagers and then into hot grown ups. them part two couldbe centered around jackie going back home for her revenge over her sister

  2. Hunter S. Creek

    Here is hoping for more stories, or at least more scenes, featuring young female characters undergoing growth and breast expansion.

  3. Mister AGF

    I’m looking foward to this one ^^.
    I think that’s a great idea to have created a story in which you can depict different kind of transformation in each chapter.
    That way, whatever our taste, all of us will have at least one chapter we can enjoy ;).

    Thanks to you and bojay.


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