Upcoming Comics May 3, 2020

Lana looks amused as Lois slowly shrinks out of her clothes.

This month we’re starting a classic Age Regression story!

Crybaby Lois: A new comic based on the classic Superman Lois Lane story the Crybaby of Metropolis. Lois slowly regresses as her sexy rival Lana seduces Superman!

We’re taking a break on the Minotaur story. Thanks to all of you who supported this innovative comic!

And yes, we are working on a new Yard Work chapter. More info to come soon!

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26 thoughts on “Upcoming Comics

  1. Vader

    Yard Work seems to be everyone’s favorite. 🙂
    I was wondering, if there are any plans for shrinking women comics in the future?

  2. Misha

    Oh, if only Superman were to regress and shrink out of his clothes too in the new Lois comic LOL. Bought some recent back issues I had not seen. always enjoy your work & creations.


  3. FFlores

    the future looks great for dreamtales comics. still hope someday you bring back the little joker series with jackie´s revenge as the main plot

      1. Thomas Roberts

        This isn’t going to look like crybaby Marilyn with Lois Lana and superman in the place of Suzy Marilyn and Frank is it?

  4. TheFinalCall

    I hope to see a giant growing Amy in the new yard work!! It seems every other female character got their growth chapter but her PLEEEEEASE!!!

      1. William

        Yes, but the Mom should grow more than her!!
        I want to see the next chapter only for Mom, don’t disappoint us please!

  5. TheFinalCall

    NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Amy is large and in charge of this next chapter!!!!! Mom and Nicole should bow down to the mega blonde lol Mom’s had her time in the spotlight :b

    1. William

      I agree but I think it will be great like the first chapter both Mom and Amy growing bigger but Mom grows much bigger and hotter, this will make a great story for all!

  6. TheFinalCall

    I would never want to ruin a GREAT series like this one!! Just lookin for a new angle on a great story 😉


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