Upcoming Comics July 2, 2020

A shrunken Lois is trapped in a baby crib by her sexy rival!

This month continues the classic Age Regression saga:

Crybaby Lois Part Three: Now shrunk to a helpless infant, Lois is forced to watch as her sexy rival put the moves on Superman! More great Bojay and Yuan art in this updated version of the classic Lois Lane story, the Crybaby of Metropolis.

We are still working on the new Yard Work chapter, plus more fun comics from Palcomix. More info to come soon!

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11 thoughts on “Upcoming Comics

  1. Vader

    I know Palcomix does more the AR&AP comics. That said, Incredible Shrinking Dad and The Pygmy Queen are great.
    Has both good stories and art.
    Wonder what kind of comic Palcmix is making, AR&AP or giantess and shrinking?

    Still looking forward to more Yard Work. I’m sure to enjoy it for as long as they will be made.


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