Upcoming Comics August 2, 2020

Babysitter Kate drinks Lois’s antidote!

This month brings part four of the classic Age Regression saga:

Crybaby Lois Part Four: Another fun sequence as rival Lana forces baby Lois to nurse on her. Plus a fun age progression and Breast Enlargement sequence as cute teen babysitter Kate takes charge of Lois.

We are still working on the new Yard Work chapter, plus more fun comics from Palcomix. More info to come soon!

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20 thoughts on “Upcoming Comics

  1. Bastien

    Man. I would love to see a Bonus where the antidote has the opposite effect on babysitter Kate and make her younger.

  2. Vader

    The hardest part of waiting is the waiting.
    Looking forward to more Yard Work. I keep wondering what kind of story it will be.

    Just don’t over work yourselves on my account.

  3. v00d00

    Any chance in more Suzy, Frank and Marilyn? Especially shrinking women comics? Palcomix was always the great at Suzy and Marilyn having fun together! Pygmy Queen was amazing, as was Marilyn’s New Dress.

    1. dreamtales Post author

      Thanks! Yes, in fact I’m working on a fun new Suzy and Frank comic now. It’s by Palcomix and features lots of shrinking and growing.

      I like working with Suzy & Frank again!

      1. v00d00

        How about a Suzy/Frank/Marilyn comic, where all 3 are going to go out for a night on the town together. However Suzy and Frank have a baby daughter together, so ask Mandy (now 18yo) to Babysit. Before the 3 adults can leave, one of Suzy’s experiments accidentally fires off, shrinking all 3 to 1 inch tall, with Mandy unaware of what’s happened. She thinks the 3 adults just left without saying goodbye.
        The threesome decide they have to get Mandy’s attention, so she can help them. However, Mandy is a naughty babysitter. She starts drinking some of the alcohol she finds around the house, nearly stepping on the shrunken trio, she then decides to watch some adult movies on Suzy & Frank’s cable, and starts masturbating. Suzy is horrified the babysitter is doing this. Frank and Marilyn are a little aroused, as they watch the naughty babysitter. The 3 shrunken adults climb the sofa, and get Mandy’s attention, Suzy starts to tell the naughty teen off, which just pisses her off. Still horny, Mandy decides to have some fun with the trio, stripping naked, she puts Suzy and Marilyn on her breasts, and demands they play with her nipples, then Frank between her legs. She tells them that if they can make her cum, she’ll help them get back to normal. The 3 do their best, and manage to please the horny giantess teen. She grows them back to normal size. However, Suzy is still angry, so she shrinks Mandy to child size, and spanks her. Marilyn takes pity on the shrunken babysitter – after all, she enjoyed the experience – and offers to take her home with her, for more discipline (she sneaks the shrink ray into her purse before leaving)

  4. Vader

    You’re welcome.
    That sounds great. I have not read many of the Suzy & Frank comics but what I have read turned out good.

    It would be a crazy idea to suggest a crossover of Suzy & Frank and Yard Work.

    1. FFan

      Right now Dreamtales has its hands full of great projets. Crybaby Louis part 4 sounds great cant wait for it. I love this Series

      By the way walter what do you think about some Idea I got for Little joker sequel? with Jackie´s revenge as the main plot.
      Maybe could bring back Jackie’s little pals from part 1 and 2 to get involved as well in the AP/AR caos.
      Jackie and her pals can steal some ray gun from Martin an bring caos to their school. The ray-gun could work like the one from baby babysitter ( the one with the years storage sistem) regressing teachers and growing up themselves and other students.
      And last but not least the final battle bettwen jackie and serena. Jackie could end up as the Mom.

  5. William

    I missed the awesome yard work mom, it has been too long, I want to see her huge and sexy, she should grow always, thanks!


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