Upcoming Comics October 2, 2020

Tiny Aliens experiment on Suzy, Frank and Marilyn!

Suzy and Frank are back! I’m really pleased to be working with with these classic characters again. Including some great art by Palcomix:

Superteen and the Alien Menace: Suzy, Frank and Marilyn and become test subjects when tiny green aliens visit the Earth. And introducing a sexy new character — Frank’s Mom! Lots of shrinking, growing, breast expansion and more!

As mentioned, there’s a the new Yard Work chapter coming. More info to come soon!

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19 thoughts on “Upcoming Comics

  1. Walter

    That’s awesome great of bringing back this classic. But I was wondering if you considered bringing back switcheroo with all grown up baby and her younger sister Robin?

  2. Walter

    Hi dreamtales I was wondering if you considered bringing back switcheroo comic with all grown up abby her boyfriend Bobby and abby little sister Robin?

  3. Vader

    You have my attention. I wonder if we get to see the aliens interact with them?
    Sadly I will have to wait a while after it comes out.

  4. v00d00

    Great news, so excited to see another Suzy, Frank and Marilyn comic, and more Palcomix! Can’t wait! Assume you’re planning to realise around weekend of the 17th?

  5. Will

    Someday I hope to see a yard work where Luke becomes half sized and spills some growth formula just on his penis and his girlfriend becomes 8 ft tall and some more extreme breast expansion

  6. Vader

    I do not want age regression in Yard Work. Personally I would like it to be pure growth/shrinking.
    The whole age change thing presents to many problems for me.

  7. CarterMA14Riggs

    I agree with Vader. There better not be any age regression in the new yard work chapter. Age regression just doesn’t turn me on. Giantess growth on the other hand, that’s the good stuff!

  8. Ghostly

    I say bring on the age regression and shrink the sister back down for a bit. She became quite the jerk after a while.


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