Upcoming Comics November 1, 2020

A shrunken Marilyn gets teased by Suzy’s pals!

This month continues the classic Suzy and Frank comic:

Superteen and the Alien Menace Part Two: More growing and shrinking fun with Suzy, Marilyn and Frank! While Marilyn tries to cope as a shrunken skinny girl, the Aliens just keep zapping poor Frank! This is the second of three parts.

Still working on the new Yard Work chapter.

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9 thoughts on “Upcoming Comics

  1. Vader

    Looking forward to this. The fist part is good.
    Frank at an even smaller size teams up with Mom Suzy and Marilyn to fight the aliens. Would be cool to see.
    Maybe Frank’s Mom can pull a heroic sacrifice to return the others to normal. Leaving her stuck as a giantess or shrunken woman.

    The Mom from Yard Work and Frank’s Mom seem to be fan favorites so far. That could make for a powerful duo.


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