Upcoming Comics December 1, 2020

Frank gets zapped again in Superteen Three!

This month we have the big finale of the fun new Suzy and Frank comic:

Superteen and the Alien Menace Part Three: Every character gets zapped in the big, big showdown with the Alien! Lots of female GTS growth, especially for you Mom fans. This is the last of three parts.

New Yard Work I do have a new chapter under way, and hope to have it up early next year. I apologize, as the Covid has made everything slow down, so the art and processing takes much longer. Please be patient, it should be worth the wait!

Other comics are in the pipeline, including a new Shrinking Women comic for all you SW fans.

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15 thoughts on “Upcoming Comics

  1. Vader

    This sounds like a fun conclusion. As a Mom fan, I think the mothers are such great characters.
    No worries about Yard Work, I’m patient. I’m sure it will be good.
    A new shrinking woman comic sounds good.

  2. v00d00

    Looking forward to this! Any chance Marilyn gets shrunk more? Would love to see her really tiny, being dominated by Suzy, or playing on Frank’s mom, while she’s unaware!

  3. Misha

    I’m enjoying Superteen and the Alien Menace! Looking forward to the conclusion. I love the sample image from #3, but have to admit it looks like Frank is f**king himself in a three way…which is kind of fun to add to the adventure of his shrinking LOL. Thanks for all the fun you give us!

  4. RemyLocke

    Please come out this weekend!! PLEASE!!

    Love the sample image! Glad he is with Suzy when he shrinks again! Hope they have some fun!

  5. v00d00

    Hey RemyLocke,
    Good to see you’re still active! Do you still write GTS/SW stories? It was one of your stories, way back, like 15 years ago, that really got me into GTS/SW stuff! I think it was a story about a guy shrinking, with his wife or girlfriend, and there was a GTS/SM shower scene at the end! Loved it!

  6. RemyLocke

    Oh wow! Thank you!! I still do some writing, yes! I have always wanted to have one of my stories done as a Dreamtales comic! LOL
    I am thinking of the story you are thinking about….I will have to find it!


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