Age Contest One August 13, 2021

The girls check out the competition.

20 pages, B&W, US$ 9.99
Age Play, Mini-GTS
Artwork by Bojay

Twelve Going on 21 continues with a fun interpretation by Bojay. We never actually got to see the Age Contest, so here it is.

Story Summary: Little Kaitlin and Emma compete with tall sexy women to see who looks the most different from their age. It turns out the statuesque ladies are much younger than they appear! Lots of humiliation, teasing and more! This is the first of two parts.

“Age Contest One” has 20 multi-panel black and white story pages.

Sample illustrations

US$ 9.99

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One thought on “Age Contest One

  1. Agie

    Hi! Have you seen the movie Old that is playing right now? Just watching the trailer you can get the idea of it.
    What if you made your own comic inspired by that? You could easily turn the old age aspect of it and turn it into an exciting AP/AR story, with a group of kids being turned into attractive adults by the beach, while the parents regress.
    What do you think? And thanks for your work!


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