Age Contest Two September 14, 2021

Sally loses her temper with her little auntie!

20 pages, B&W, US$ 9.99
Age Play, Mini-GTS, Spanking
Artwork by Bojay

Part Two of the Age Contest with more great art by Bojay. Plus some fun AR cartoons by Bojay!

Story Summary: Little Kaitlin and Emma have to look and act as young as possible to win the Age Contest. Can they humiliate themselves enough to win? Includes a great spanking scene!

“Age Contest Two” has 15 multi-panel black and white story pages, plus another 6 AR cartoons.

Sample illustrations

US$ 9.99

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9 thoughts on “Age Contest Two

  1. Zahsorx

    This was one of the worst comics put on this site. I had no changes of any kind at all. It was disappointing after the other Age contest comic. I prefer the more traditional stories pleases

  2. Alex

    Not impressed no growing or shrinking of any kind, please do more of Amy’s sleepover, where idk maybe her friends grow too

  3. Caki

    I have to agree with the first comment I didn’t like how it went I thought there would be diapers and breastfeeding involved unless there is going to be a 3rd part to this story

  4. v00d00

    Sadly, this felt like it should have been 1 comic, but was split in 2 just to squeeze more money out of us. Only about 10 pages of actual story, which could/should have been in part 1, then 10 pages of stand alone artwork.
    I think it might be time to drop this type of comic and go back to the bread and butter shrinking stories. Suzy & Frank, Yard Work, Big Splash, College Bound etc.


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