Amy Sleepover One February 19, 2021

Amy and Luke face off in Sleepover Part One.

21 pages, Color, US$9.99
Female Growth, Shrinking Men
Artwork by Yuan

Amy fans rejoice – Yard Work is back! This is a fun two part “reboot” story featuring Amy growing from a bratty kid to a sexy knockout.

Story Summary: Amy has a crush on Logan, her friend’s older brother. But how can little Amy get him to noice her? Luckily a big dose of Super-Gro comes to the rescue. And as Amy and Mom grow, poor Luke just keeps shrinking!

Note: This is Part One of a Two Part Series. You can see the other parts of Yard Work here.

Sample illustrations

Regular Edition for US$ 9.99

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Artist’s Edition for US$ 11.99
This Artist’s Edition  includes (1) 21 pages of original sketch drawings plus (2) 21 pages of uncolored inked and sketch drawings that show the amazing detail of the original art. Get 63 total pages of great art! 

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21 thoughts on “Amy Sleepover One

  1. William

    Really nice!
    But I want to see Mom growing much bigger and hotter, also she is skinny, while she is growing taller she should get thicker too and she must grow much bigger and hotter than Amy!
    Also, Logan’s Mom can become a good giantess too.

  2. CB

    This was really good! I can’t wait for part 2!
    The growth scenes were great and I really liked the scene where Mom admires herself in the mirror, It’s nice to see her feel good about her new body, I hope Mom and Amy keep growing in part 2.
    Great work Dreamtales.

  3. Vader

    A good start to a “reboot” story. The art and story are still great.
    The hug scene with Mom and Luke is my favorite part. Mom’s eyes hint at something.
    Logan and Amy look like a good match as well.

    I’m looking forward to part 2. Here’s hoping that Logan’s Mom and Dad can have some fun also.

  4. Mister AGF

    That’s an excellent start. It’s so nice to see Amy bursting out of her clothes when she becomes an adult. Even better to see her grow pubes.
    That’s emphasize wonderfully her transformation.

    Thank you dreamtales, looking foward to the next part ^^.

  5. Bball fan

    Thank you! Your art is the best! Please make Amy bigger than her mom. Logan should catch the mom and admire her, then bigger Amy comes and steals the show leaving the mom jealous and intimidated by her daughter 🙂

  6. Matt

    Really expected Amy to grow while on top of Luke when they were fighting. Not a huge fan of age regression but great comic. Hoping Luke can grow back to normal or giant size this time

  7. Walter

    Hey dreamtales I have a question for you? I will luke act more like a kid and go through mental changes as well?
    And will Amy act more mature and grown up in part 2 ?

    1. growinggirllover

      I REALLY hope so. I love the “Regressing To The Mean” approach to kids growing up present in most of Dreamtales’ stories, where the grown kids act the age they’ve grown to.

  8. FFan

    if Amy´s friends grow in part 2 i would like their interaction with luke will be like beth´s one from yardwork meteor

  9. kong

    Lovely, I wish Mom and Logan’s Mom, both growing so huge and sexy, every house needs a hot giantess mom, I want to see Mom at least double the size of Amy always!

  10. Marco

    This was great, loved that Luke shrunk down to Amy’s size and Amy almost beat him up at the same size, we never had the chance to see that in the original. I wish that characters reacted more though, like Luke showing more denial, confusion, terror and speechlessness. Also think some of the time skips were too big like inbetween the garden scene and the next one. It was nice to see a comic without mental regression for once, always found that gross.

  11. Test

    Missed chance to make pov between of amy’s mom and her son in the moment she is growing when she was mad at him


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