Amy Sleepover Two March 12, 2021

A case of mistake identity in Amy Sleepover Two!

21 pages, Color, US$9.99
Female Growth, Shrinking Men
Artwork by Yuan

Calling all Amy fans! Follow bratty Amy as she navigates life as a hot bombshell.

Story Summary: Now a sexy knockout, Amy takes her revenge on her shrunken brother Luke. Then Amy causes havoc as she goes back to her little friends’ house for another sleepover. Lots of mistaken identity fun!

Note: This is Part Two of a Two Part Series. You can see the other parts of Yard Work here.

Sample illustrations

Regular Edition for US$ 9.99

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Artist’s Edition for US$ 11.99
This Artist’s Edition  includes (1) 21 pages of original sketch drawings plus (2) 21 pages of uncolored inked and sketch drawings that show the amazing detail of the original art. Get 63 total pages of great art! 

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30 thoughts on “Amy Sleepover Two

      1. B-baller

        Could you make Amy bigger than her mom? Would love to see some role reversal where mom gets jealous of Amy and starts to look up to her (figurately and literally). Amy could ask to to wear one of her bras, but then has a growth spurt and they’re now too small on her.

  1. CB

    I found this pretty enjoyable, Not exactly the follow-up I was expecting but this two-parter was a great return to the Yard Work series and I eagerly await whatever you have in store for Luke, Amy and Mom in the future. (Personally, Mom growth is always a plus for me, But I would like to see Amy grow into a giantess at some point.)

  2. octaneowl5

    This comic was pretty good. If you make more Yard Work comics, I would like to see Amy become a giantess.

  3. Grandbuddha

    There was a considerable LACK of LUKE in this issue. I understand that this is the end of the series since it was only supposed to be a two parter, but I’d personally enjoy more shrinking Luke. Looming giant Amy keeping Luke in her cleavage would be very nice.

  4. Tommy

    Great to see more Yard Work, but personally still yearning for more we haven’t seen yet. My personal dream scene: Shrunken Mom and Luke awkwardly pressed up against each other, trapped in Amy’s panties just as she’s about to lose her virginity. Let’s take Yard Work to humiliation extremes!

  5. Numbat

    No growth. No shrinking. No giantess. Sad.

    The categories and the content don’t line up on this one. Very disappointing.

  6. químico general

    I liked parts 1 and 2, but I would like to see Amy in the future at school, shrinking in size and stature, going from being a midget to a naked doll in front of her classmates.

  7. químico general

    How about a comic where Amy uses shrinking shampoo, and she doesn’t realize it until she uses it in the school bathroom, where the girls see her running and mistake her for a doll, while Amy’s mom. ? she uses a shampoo that makes her temporarily huge

  8. Vader

    Not really what I expected but that’s fine. Feel a little bad for the husband Roger.
    Amy does look good in this. It is nice she still spends time with her real friends.

    Will we get to see Luke shrink to a few inches tall with his Mom next time?

    He could shrink in front of Amy on a chair and she panics. Tries to find Mom only to come back to see she is siting where Luke was. Then find out he is trapped under her skirt, as she missed him by an inch. Mom then carries him on her shoulder all day only for him to fall into her cleavage. Amy laughs at their embarrassing situation.

  9. notunpagol

    Happy to see them back again. Well, I would love tp see more Luke scenes. I absolutely loved those parts where Luke mistook Amy as his mother and Amy took full advantage on him.
    I would love to see Amy taking Luke to her friends house and those little kids have some fun with Luke. And how about shrinking that dad around giant little girls?

  10. William

    Hey, I’m waiting to see Mom grows so huge and thick and we see more interaction between her and luke, please make more giantess moms.


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