Bojay Male AR Cartoons January 16, 2021

33 pages, B&W and Color, US$ 9.99
Age Progression, Age Regression
Artwork by Bojay

A fun collection of Male Age Regression comics from the master AR artist Bojay. It includes some female AP scenarios for you female growth fans.

In addition to lots of unique takes on men regressing into babies or boys, the cartoons also explore age swap scenarios, with younger girls becoming domineering older women. Some of Bojay’s best artwork!

There’s not a lot of Male Age Regression content out there, so if you want to see more please be sure to support this comic.

US$ 9.99

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10 thoughts on “Bojay Male AR Cartoons

  1. Dracoknight545

    Nice collection, while not a fan of Male AR I did like some of the scenarios in it. I noticed page 10 and 14 are the same page with only a few minor differences of its being slightly zoomed in and higher quality with page 14.

    Not sure if it was intentional or not maybe you guys can fix that issue

  2. hj

    Really good collection. like you said there is a shortage of male ar, would love to see one of these scenarios expanded upon.


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