Mini Man vs Zapper Two May 15, 2021

Mini Man pulls rank on Brenda!

25+4 pages, B&W, US$ 9.99
Shrinking Women, Shrinking Men, Spanking
Artwork by Bojay

Part Two of this classic Shrinking Women comic series features lots of shrinking and spanking!

Story Summary: Reduced to insect size, Mini Man is in for the fight of his life. Can he defeat the nefarious Zapper and restore the beautiful ladies to normal size? Lots of size-changing fun and spanking, plus great Bojay art.

“Mini-Man vs Zapper Two” has 25 multi-panel black and white story pages, plus another 4 pages of very detailed concept art and sketches.

Sample illustrations

US$ 9.99

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9 thoughts on “Mini Man vs Zapper Two

  1. growinggirllover

    I really hope shrinking-and when I say shrinking, I mean this kind of insect size stuff and not the kind that happens with age regression,which when balanced with growth can be good-isn’t becoming the new norm around here. I know you have to please all different fans here. But please- don’t make this a regular thing here.

    What I was hoping for was some differences between the original Yard Work and this new version.
    So far, nothing really different. And that’s a problem because then what’s the point? Here’s some suggestions for how you can make new installments of this remake different:

    1) Have Luke grow instead of shrink into an 8 foot tall, super-handsome, super-muscular 20 year old god who becomes the Big Man on Campus, having learned some much needed humility from his shrinking. He becomes the Star of the football and basketball teams and is the man every girl on campus dreams of. He loves every minute of it, but it doesn’t go to his head and he’s not a jerk anymore. Just the opposite.

    At the same time, Amy is now jealous of her now titanic brother in her childish way and is crying in a corner when Mother Nature (from the Puberty Fairies) stories shows up. She wishes she was as old and as big as Luke so she could join him on campus. She makes a deal with Amy-that she’d make her grow to match her brother’s size and alter Reality for Amy to become a student there IF she agrees to let Mother Nature “mature” her mentally and emotionally so she could truly become a college student. She’s not completely honest with Amy-she tells her is so she could better “beat” her brother. The real reason is Mother Nature’s afraid to let Amy into college in her current immature state,that she’d be completely incapable of dealing effectively with the harsh realities there.

    Amy quickly and without thinking agrees-and instantly, she grows into a huge curvaceous blonde beauty of her brother’s age and size! But the most profound change is in Amy’s mind-she’s now a 20 year old in intellect and maturity.

    Luke is then stunned to find his sister now The Big Girl On Campus-and competing in a friendly but determined way with Luke on everything! The rest of the story is how the 2 siblings play this competition against each other, ending in a face off between them on the campus basketball court with their mom and Mother Nature watching.

    I should get paid for this,seriously…………….lol Seriously,those are my suggestions. Hope you incorporate them.

  2. Vader

    A simple comic and an okay squeal. Would have liked to see more of interactions with the Zapper and Mini-man.
    Also, everyone seems to have forgotten about the guard outside from part one.

    The shrinking with no age regression is good. Personally do not like them getting mixed together.

  3. v00d00

    Great to see some proper shrinking that doesn’t include AR! Back to the classic comics. The spanking scene was fun. Would have liked to have seen a bit more interaction, maybe some sexy teasing!
    Hope on the future you can get some more Palcomix Suzy/Marilyn/Frank comics down. The classic Pygmy Queen, or Marilyn’s New Dress! Also would love to see more Rebecca comics – Teenage Home Breaker and College Bound were instant classics!


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