Mini Man vs the Zapper April 16, 2021


Mini Man is hard at work!

28 pages, B&W, US$ 9.99
Shrinking Women, Shrinking Men
Artwork by Bojay

Doll sized super hero Mini-Man fights his biggest foe – the Zapper! Can our tiny hero survive an encounter with a shrinking ray?

Story Summary: A jewelry store hosts a special event for all the richest – and sexist – ladies in town. But the fun is disrupted when the Zapper arrives with a shrinking ray!

All the trophy wives and rich debutantes get reduced to doll size. With Mini-Man zapped to micro-size, can his size-changing sidekick Brenda (aka Maxi-Woman) save the day?

US$ 9.99

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5 thoughts on “Mini Man vs the Zapper

  1. osmaniyare

    Hello dreamtales family I just discovered you and I’ll buy most of your stories and buy them for my friends, but it’s better if you do things like flu shots like little joker, by the way greetings to Yuan

  2. Vader

    An okay 50’s style type comic. It is predictable but also more light-hearted.
    Did like Mini-Man and his cushy position, Brenda’s shrinking and the Zapper themed panties.

    Did notice some of the ladies still wearing earrings after shrinking. Is that a continuity error?

    Will we get to see Mini-man and Maxi-woman save the day for everyone. Perhaps the security guard distracts The Zapper by coming on to her.


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