Superteen Aliens Pack April 12, 2021

Tiny Green Aliens experiment on Suzy & Frank!

72 pages, Color, US$26.99
Giantess, Shrinking, Female Growth
Artwork by Palcomix

Get this great Suzy & Frank Giantess and Shrinking series for a special price!

Suzy, Frank and Marilyn become test subjects when tiny green aliens visit the Earth. Their ray gun shrinks sexy Marilyn into a little squirt and turns her little rivals into voluptuous knockouts! And introducing a sexy new character — Frank’s Mom!

The Superteen Aliens Pack includes the following comics:
Superteen Aliens Part One
Superteen Aliens Part Two
Superteen Aliens Part Three

Sample illustrations (PDF File)

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7 thoughts on “Superteen Aliens Pack

  1. Michael

    It would be nice to have a streak of crying baby Marilyn in which Marilyn had to grow up under Suzy’s lineage. When she arrives around kindergarten age, she cheats on her new mother in the ray of youth and causes her to become a little sister.

  2. Marco

    Flu shots is still my personal favourite, would love to see an alternate ending where Madison doesn’t grow back, or at least not so quickly. You could maybe make it so everytime she tries to assert authority she gets even younger

  3. kong

    Really wonderful series, Frank’s Mom is so hot and perfect, I love the scenes including her and her son together, giantess and growing moms make awesome scenes always, I wish to see more growing moms in your future works 😉

  4. William

    This is so a wonderful series, I would like to see more of the adorable mom, she is a wonderful and awesome giantess!!


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