SW Compilation December 17, 2021

26 pages, Color and B&W, US$ 9.99
Shrinking Women
Artwork by Bojay

Nerdy weirdo Max finds a new way to pick up girls!

A fun collection of Shrinking Women comics from Bojay and a new artist ZFP.

Story Summary: “Pick Up Line” is a fully colored 12 page multi-panel comic by a new artist ZFP. Dorky geek Max figures out a way to literally pick up his sexy co-workers. The rest of the collection is rounded out by one page SW gags by Bojay. Good news for Shrinking Women lovers!

“Shrinking Woman Compilation” has 12 color pages, plus 14 black and white pages of single-panel inks. You can see other collections of Bojay’s Shrinking Women comics here:
Shrinking Women Art Collection
Bikini Bomb Blast
The Prize (free!)

US$ 9.99

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7 thoughts on “SW Compilation

  1. growinggirllover

    I know you have to please everyone, but shrinking ain’t my cup of potion unless it’s age regression preceding growth/age progression. So I’ll pass.

    Some suggestions for The New Year: I’d love to see a follow up to 12 going on 21 where the newly mini-giantess Kaitlyn and Emma stun everyone among their family and friends-and use their new size,strength and beauty to enthall men!

    Also-there’s a missing scene in Flu Shots 5 I’d love to see about when mom, worried about her growing young son and daughter and shrinking oldest daughter-is stunned when she sees her now huge and nearly grown up children return from the lake!

    Growth and age progression stories coming soon I hope. And hoping you’re revising Yard Work and not just rehashing the original. That’s my one small complaint with it.


  2. Kala

    Awesome Story! The out of clothes shrinking and the girls gradually undercutting each other in kinds of size in the pick up line was brilliant. Would love to see more sequences of girls in the range 75%-50% of thier normal size a nd not just straigt down to doll size, even if only some more pics each story.
    Love your shrinking and growing art and always hope for more stories without AR/AP like here!


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