Twelve to 21 Two July 16, 2021

Little Kaitlin enjoys her new stature!

21 pages, Color, US$9.99
Female Growth, Age Regression, Mini Giantess
Artwork by PalComix

Lots of female growth, AP and AR plus mini-GTS in this fun sequel!

Story Summary: The Puberty Fairies cast some Age Regression and Age Progression spells in this fun finale. After little Kaitlin and Emma’s humiliation reaches a peak, the sexy babes finally get their comeuppance – while Kaitlin and Emma get their dream bodies and more! Lots of transformations in this comic with more great art by Palcomix.

This is the second of two parts.

Sample illustrations

US$ 9.99

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7 thoughts on “Twelve to 21 Two

  1. Christian

    Really enjoyed reading it! Worth the Money!
    Is there a chance that your next comic is a new yard work part with amy growing to a giantess?:p

  2. FFan

    thanks Dreamtales! love this comic, the AP was great and well handed. loved the puberty fairies come back, hope we see them in next projects

  3. growinggirllover

    It’s a good part 2, but pretty standard growth/AP stuff. I know you’ve been catering more to your shrinking/AR audience lately, but very good to see a nice growth sequence again. What would have made it much better would have been Kaitlin and Jenner going home after their transformations and seeing everyone’s reactions to the gorgeous young amazons.

    Some Suggestions For The future: Let’s see more stories like Flu Shots in the future. Also, you need to play around with the Yard Work reboot a bit: What good is just repeating what you did in the first one-which is basically what you’ve been doing so far? Let’s see Luke grow into handsome giant and become Big Man On Campus while his sister soon catches up, becoming a buxom gorgeous college age giantess-and then the 2 siblings begin competing for Campus Star.

  4. Mister AGF

    I love AP and this comics is nice. 😉

    If you allow me I’d like to say that I wish they were one frame where we could see a growing nipple peeking out before the swimsuit bursts. A bit of pubic hair peeking out of the bikini would have been nice too to emphasize the growth. It could have been the occasion for one character to say something like “Oh my god, you nipples are showing!” and the other to say “And you’re bikini can’t hide your growing hair down there!”.

    One last little thing ^^, when displaying several stage of growth on the same frame (Page 17) I think it’s important to make sure the stages don’t “hide” each other too much so we can see the growing bodies on each stage. Page seventeen was a bit frustrating because I wish we could see the second stage.

    I don’t know if PalComix is open to your suggestion or if they only draw as they imagine without you being allowed to make a comment.

    Anyway, thank you so much for making AP comics with new stories. Even If I loved Yard work, I have to say it’s nice when the story is new.


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