Upcoming Comics March 1, 2021

A grown-up Amy returns for another Sleepover!

Here’s the next installment of Yard Work, featuring everyone’s favorite bratty little sister Amy:

Amy’s Sleepover Part Two: Now a sexy teen, Amy returns for another sleepover with her pals. Plus Amy gets her revenge on her shrunken brother Luke! (This is the second of two parts)

Thanks very much for the support for this comic, which was very popular. This one should be on time this month, fingers crossed.

Other comics are in the pipeline, so stay tuned!

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13 thoughts on “Upcoming Comics

  1. CB

    Super excited! I hope there will be more growth, But I know I’ll enjoy it regardless, This has been a great return to the Yard Work series!

  2. Grandbuddha

    I hope Luke gets tiny. Like, really really tiny. While we’re throwing out hopes, I hope Amy tortures Luke by keeping him in her cleavage.

  3. Itty

    I hope to see Luke get small enough to fit on Amy’s nipple.
    Is there gonna be breast expansion in this? Or just mini giantess and age progression?


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