Upcoming Comics May 1, 2021

What could be better than a hot lady spanking a shrunken woman?

More fun this month for Shrinking Women and Shrinking Men fans!

Mini-Man vs. the Zapper Part Two: Part Two has more nude shrunken ladies, and a micro-tiny Mini Man! (This is the second of two parts)

Still working on other comics, including more Yard Work. Glad everyone enjoyed Amy’s Sleepover!

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12 thoughts on “Upcoming Comics

  1. Bailey

    I love the yard work series and I hope there’s some growing Nicole action again in the upcoming comics. When do you expect the release for this will be?

  2. V00d00

    Is the hot lady spanking the shrunken woman a scene from Mini-Man vs. the Zapper Part Two? Or another SW comic?

  3. Gts Artist Collective

    “William” is the same as “Kong” and the other nick names and makes the same comments on multiple sites to influence the artist’s choice of content to produce. He always asks for “MORE MOM” and similar wording to influence the content using different names to make it seem like a lot of individuals want the content that he wants. He has done this on the Giantess Club and Giantess Fan comments sections and similar sites. Artists on deviant art have made note and there have been complaints about this person to curb his behavior and scheming, so please be aware of him spreading any disinformation in your comments here. He uses several nicknames to say the same thing “MORE MOMS PLEASE” so just be aware. He is pretty obviously the same person. The mom content is great but just letting you know he does not represent the rest of the community and your patrons in his content preferences.

  4. feddysantos

    so funny you mentions this guy. he always say more hot milf and mom and nothing else. I kno wat you mean he use name like big elsa I think his main account on dev art. and he repeat the same word like hot milf please more! 3-4 times at different times uses the name kong on alexgtsartist post and he forget to change his account. he really like moms but so sneaky LOL


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