Upcoming Comics October 1, 2021

More fun AR comics and art by Bojay!

Sally Grows Up: Transformation fans should like this chapter.  Lots of Age Progression and Age Regression in this one – including regressing to an infant.

This is the last comic in this series – next up is a new series by Yard Work artist Yuan. Please stay tuned!

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9 thoughts on “Upcoming Comics

  1. Klevin Clostner

    Finally. AR to infant. This is real AR.

    Let’s see some BE, lactation, chubby pawg transformation too.

    Make this one your opus. People will come, Ray.

  2. Smithers

    Will this comic be usual price? Kinda feel it should be offered free, or at least discounted based on the last comics poor showing (lack of anything SW or AR related!). Offering it free or cheaper would go someway in making up for that disappointing comic!

  3. FFan

    I´m a Fan of your AP stories, loved falling leaves, super teen and the slow process transformation you made in Flu shots. Hope you still have plans for a Little joker sequel or a new comic series with the puberty fairies involved. Or a AP/AR chaos that could take place in a school

  4. Marco

    Pretty sure you’re a super hero comic fan, I’d love to see a What If? Comic for dreamtales, could be a few shorts put into 1 comic like what if Serena did drink the youth potion in Little Joker 3, what if Maddison didn’t stop regressing in Flu Shots 5, what if Beth never stopped growing in Yark Work Meteor etc.
    Just think it’d be a cool idea, looking forward to any other future comics too!


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