Upcoming Comics April 3, 2022

Thanks for the great support for Kelly and Amy!

Wrong Sister Four: Lots of detailed age regression and age progression scenes in this final chapter!

Here’s the original comic: The Wrong Sister

Still working on more comics, including a GTS series and more Yard Work chapters!

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13 thoughts on “Upcoming Comics

  1. growinggirllover

    I know the comic’s probably more or less finished now-but I hope Kelly becomes a 7 foot tall, gorgeous college freshman age giantess with a killer figure and Billy drinks more of the formula and grows by the comic’s end into a handsome, muscular hunk of a 17 year old almost as tall as Kelly. And the powerful phermones from the 2 newly grown giants not only cause Amy to revert to a toddler, they actually make Mom regress in age until she’s a high school senior, but with all her memories intact. She celebrates her new youth, feeling like she has a “second chance at life”. Unfortunately for her, she’s only 5’2′ and is towered over by Kelly and Billy, who now are “in charge” . They don’t exactly bully either of them, but their size is intimidating enough they don’t have to……………….

  2. FFan

    hey dreamtales just a simple pair of questions, will any other female character grow up apart of kelly, in the upcoming part? will billy grow up as big as michael in flu shots?

  3. S.D.

    If I had to guess, I would say Kelly will play the role of “Mommy” to Amy and give her a spanking for being naughty, either in public or at home after telling their Mom that Amy was very bad when they were out.

  4. ARWander1600

    I absolutely love the stories like that, Dream Tales (especially Bojay but I love the other artists as well) are masters of regression art! I have been a fan for some time!


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