Upcoming Comics May 3, 2022

Where’d that comic go?

Sorry again, we’ll need to skip this month. As before – don’t worry, there are lots of new comics in the works, they’re just not ready for posting yet.

Still working on the fun Yard Work update that should be ready later this year!

Selz Update: Unfortunately I just got notice from Selz (one of the payment options for each comic) that they will be going out of business at the end of June. I know a lot of users like this option, so hopefully you can use the regular E-Store button to buy. If there are other payment options you prefer, please note them in the comments!

Stay tuned!

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11 thoughts on “Upcoming Comics

  1. Justin

    Take time your time dude and release your products when you feel they are ready. I may not care for everything that you release but I do appericate yourt efforts in trying different things and not giving into the “mom” “mini giantesses” mob you always got in the comments.

  2. Alex

    Honestly I feel like if we had to pay a little more and got more stories and longer ones we’d be okay with it

  3. Bob

    Was wondering if Luke gets to shrink Amy. Does Luke and his GF get to have a giantess fantasy? What happens if one exposes ones body parts to the shrinking or growing fluids. What if someone grew or shrank themselves a lot with the various chemicals? Miracle grow doesn’t do this.

  4. Rev

    Or a role-reversal scenario between Mom regress and Amy grows, gags which young Mom in more unaware situations.
    Amy affirming her dominant role in the house and takes advantage to make more jokes to Luke.
    Maybe Luke accompanies the Teenager Mom to go shopping, here Nichole catches them misunderstood the situation, thinking that Luke betrays her…


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