Upcoming Comics February 1, 2022

Little Kelly starts to get bigger!

We’re starting a fun new AR / AP series this month!

Wrong Sister Two: More age progression and age regression fun with sisters Amy and Kelly! I’ve always really liked these characters and am pleased to explore them in more detail. The series is a variation on the original comic, with more great art by Yard Work artist Yuan!

Here’s the original comic: The Wrong Sister

And yes, there are more Yard Work chapters coming!

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21 thoughts on “Upcoming Comics

  1. growinggirlmaker

    Hope we get to see Kelly grow up…..and up……AND UP…………………

    To the point she’s towering over her formerly bigger sister and makes her look like the little girl. And Kelly then has a body to match her huge heart………………..

    But.of course. that’s my personal preference.

  2. Frost

    I wish these comics would contain some decent breast expansion. The growing character always caps out a really unsatisfying place. I don’t want anything insane, just glamour model sizes.


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