Upcoming Comics February 27, 2022

Amy humiliates herself (again) in Wrong Sister Three!

More Age Progression and Regression with Kelly and Amy!

Wrong Sister Three: Kelly’s growth continues apace, as do her unusual and sexy side effects. Meanwhile poor Amy is getting more innocent and frustrated.

Here’s the original comic: The Wrong Sister

Still working on more Yard Work chapters!

Note: This month’s comic will be posted towards the end of March. 

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11 thoughts on “Upcoming Comics

  1. FFan

    Love this comic, definitely AP/AR is one of your strongest topic. Now Billy has learned the formula made him grow. maybe in part 2 or 3 he will steal it and grow up into a teen, will get a crush into Amy’s friends. Billy keeps growing and realizes hes now too big ( like a handsome hunk grown up) , so he tricks or convinces the girls into drinking the formula too; turning the 2 girls into grown up ladies, and Kelly’s new friends; leaving Amy as the only child in the pack making a reference to how kelly was the lonely sheep before.
    Mom tries to help Amy by getting an antidote but as we know in these kind of stories, everything ends up as bad as an AR chaos for example

  2. Bballfan

    I’m so happy Kelly is getting even bigger! Please continue with Kelly growing closer to Mom. Kelly already looked bigger than Mom in the last scene with Amy staring. Would love to see a scene where Mom bumps into Kelly and is shocked to see her taller and bigger than her. Billy teases Mom by pointing out Kelly’s breasts are bigger than hers and they start arguing, getting on Kelly’s nerves. While this is happening, Kelly has her final growth spurt, with Mom now being eye level to her breasts and angrily telling them to stop arguing. She tells the kids to go to their room then comforts Mom, giving her a big hug and telling Mom she has her back if the kids act up again. Mom thanks her and looks in awe at Kelly’s body as she walks away.

  3. Christian

    Sounds like a great story. I will buy it.
    Will Kelly get bigger than her mom?
    Can you give a release date already?

  4. growinggirllover

    Sounds like great suggestions, but sadly the comics are probably mostly finished by now.

    To your suggested plot, I’d only add that Billy grows into a huge muscular handsome 17 teen year old nearly as tall as now-Amazon Kelly and matures accordingly. This leaves Amy the only child in the family
    and she doesn’t handle it well at all. Billy takes Kelly’s side in now being the “big brother” and sends Amy to her room. Later, Kelly and Billy come and visit her in her room, now towering like giants above her. Kelly and Billy both comfort her and tell her she’s the lucky one in some ways because she gets to stay a little kid.

    “Billy and I have grown up, mostly. That means now we have to BE grown ups-and believe me, that’s really hard sometimes. ”

    Billy agrees. “Yeah. We paid a price for growing up overnight, Amy. And it wasn’t a small one. ”

    Amy looks around puzzled. “I don’t understand!”

    Kelly kisses her and puts her in bed. “You will-someday. And sooner then you think.”

  5. Walter

    DreamTales I know I have said this so many times in the past. But I hope that you will still consider bringing back Precocious Polly back please petty please .


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