Wrong Sister Four April 16, 2022

Amy is in big trouble as Billy gets even bigger!

27 pages, Color, US$10.99
Female Growth, Age Regression
Artwork by Yuan

The big conclusion of this part of the Wrong Sister series!

Story Summary: Amy becomes the smallest one in the family, leading to even more humiliation. Plus a reboot features lots of Age Progression and Age Regression action as Kelly develops her pheromones!

Note: This is Part Three of a Three Part Series. You can see the original Wrong Sister comic here.

Sample illustrations

Regular Edition for US$ 10.99

Artist’s Edition for US$ 12.99
This Artist’s Edition  includes (1) 27 pages of original sketch drawings, 27 ink drawings and 27 color pages that show the amazing detail of the original art. Get 108 total pages of great art! 

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7 thoughts on “Wrong Sister Four

  1. Darkghost

    Soooooooo… is there going to be a continuation of the regular story or the alternative version? Cause I would prefer you to continue the regular one. Cause I gotta admit, that was a blue ball ending.

  2. Alex

    Comic was good, but in the next one could we see Amy finally grow taller than her sister than bully her for it and maybe some accidental Mom Growth

  3. Bballfan3509

    I have to admit, this one was disappointing. I wish you had stuck with the first story instead of switching it up halfway through. Was really looking forward to Kelly getting bigger than Mom and making Mom jealous and intimidated. These stories don’t explore the Mom-daughter dynamic as much as I’d like. Mom-daughter role reversals are my favorite so this was a let down.

  4. Christian

    Overall, I am very disappointed with the part. Kelly did not get bigger than mom. In the alternate version she was smaller than mom and after the growth spurt as big as mom although she was already as big as mom in part 3. I also found it very predictable that Amy and her friends grow up only to be shrunk again by Kelly. But what disappointed me the most was that it was so focused on Billy and Amy. In the original Billy didn’t exist at all and I thought that was a good thing. In my opinion, the story should be about the two sisters and not about Billy and Amy. What made the two previous parts so good in my eyes was Kelly’s growth and the sexy side effects, these have now unfortunately been completely missing.

  5. growinggirlmaker

    This “alternate ending” tale was ok, but fairly predictable. Also, the alternate ending could very easily be a sequel several months later to the first ending. I personally would have done that.

    I’d love to see a sequel where Billy-having stolen an entire vial of the growth formula from the doctor’s office-downs half the vial and grows into a HUGE, 7 foot plus tall, incredibly handsome and muscular 18 year old young man! As a result, despite Kelly’s growth, Billy becomes the “big brother” for the whole family. Also, like in most of these stories, the “Regressing To The Mean” growth psychology principle is at work and Billy’s transformation is a lot deeper then physical growth-he basically BECOMES 17 years old after some time at that age and size. For example, he begins to ask people call him “William”-except Mom, who he doesn’t want to take too much of being a mommy away from. He also becomes incredibly bright, which allows him to skip grades and enter high school as a junior. Naturally, the girls are all over the handsome teenage god and the coaches for the football and basketball teams become obsessed with recruiting him.
    The interesting part comes when Billy finds out the pretty teenage girl that used to babysit him goes to this HS-and she develops a MAJOR crush on him! To Billy, this is a dream come true and he’s scared to death she’ll find out who he really is!

    And things get even more interesting when Kelly finds the unused serum-and drinks it all down to become an equally huge, buxom, gorgeous teenage giantess!

    You’re welcome…………..lol


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