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“Some of our favorite giantess art comes from Dream Tales”
io9 The Larger-Than-Life Sex Lives Of Giant Women

“DreamTales is a class act when it comes to giantess and shrinking comics”

DreamTales Logo GirlDreamTales is a writer and producer of digital comics featuring giantess (GTS), shrinking women (SW), shrinking men (SM), age progression (AP), and age regression (AR) themes. All comics are in digital format and are written and edited by Dreamtales.
[Note: These comics feature mature themes, you must be 18 or older to view or purchase them.]

Giantess Comics
Shrinking Women Comics
Age Regression Comics
Free Comics

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DreamTales started by writing stories on his old website, the Shrinkers’ Literary Companion. You can find his collections of giantess, shrinking and age regression stories here:

Giantess Stories
Shrinking Women Stories
Age Regression Stories

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