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Upgrading Super Suzy to Artist Version

I’ve gotten requests to upgrade Super Suzy to the Artist’s edition, but I can’t respond to them because I don’t have your email. So if you want to upgrade, please provide the following info in the body of the email: Your FULL NAME The email address you used to buy the comic Your current email […]

The Maternity Ward

31 pages, B&W, $9.99
Roger shrinks to a baby to join a unique maternity ward!

Upcoming Comics

Here’s the latest comics: The Maternity Ward: A new Male Age Regression comic by Bojay! Roger, a medical salesman, infiltrates a unique Maternity Ward, where all the nurses breast feed the babies. Other upcoming comics include new collections of artwork with Breast Expansion and Shrinking Women themes. And more Yard Work!

Yard Work Sixteen

42 pages, Color, $11.99

Amy teases Luke, Mom grows and Nicole shrinks!

Flu Shots Five

39 pages, Color, $10.99

The exciting finale with shrunken Madison, sexy Zoe and more!

Comic Con Part Two

32 pages, Color, $9.99

Giantesses and Shrinking Women at the Comic Convention!

Flu Shots Four

39 pages, Color, $10.99

As Madison gets younger even little brother Michael looks big to her!

Flu Shots Three

36 pages, Color, $10.99

Madison is stuck with the kids while Zoe joins the grown ups.

Flu Shots Two

28+11 pages, Color+B&W, $10.99

Madison watches in horror as Zoe outgrows her.

Flu Shots One

35 pages, Color, $9.99

A mutated injection changes the family dynamics.

Big Splash Two

48 pages, Color, US$11.99

Girls and guys shrink and grow in a remote lake.

The Wrong Sister

30 pages, Color, $9.99

A love triangle with AR / AP / SW and GTS fantasies!