Yard Work Six Preview

Still working on the comic, but here’s a preview page. [As a background, Amy’s once-domineering older brother Luke is shrunk to 3 inches tall and living in a dollhouse.] I love Amy’s innocent expression in the top panels, and her obvious glee at getting her opportunity for sweet revenge. I wonder what she has in […]

Upcoming Comics

Here’s the latest scoop: Yard Work: There’s definitely more Yard Work coming, but Yard Work Six is still in draft stage. I’m hoping to get it ready within a month from now, but it may take a bit longer. Each of these comics takes several months to produce, not including writing the script, so it’s […]

Happy Halloween from the Pepper Pair

Here’s a cute Halloween Drawing from The Pepper Pair! They are from China, where they don’t celebrate Halloween, so it was very thoughtful of them to draw this (the Chinese letters say the equivalent to “Happy Halloween”). The previously sent a cute SW Christmas picture of Suzy & Marilyn. I have been working with them […]

The Prize Video

My comic and story The Prize has been made into an erotic video by Miss Missa. This is just the latest adaptation of this story, which was my first Shrinking Women story and one of the very first SW stories posted on the internet. It’s nice to see it’s still being read! Missa did a […]

Upcoming Comics

I’ve got two big projects under way that hopefully will be ready to start posting soon. Each one is a long comic that will be released in multiple parts. The Puberty Fairies is a Betsy and Lauren story with art by Palcomix. The story features Dewey and Daffy, two magical fairies who make little girls […]

Upcoming Comics

I’ve had a lot of requests to post about upcoming comic projects. It seems pretty obvious that I should have done this long ago, but better late than never, I guess. I’ve been reluctant to do this in the past for various reasons. First, I don’t want to commit myself to a timetable, as very […]

Classic Boob Jokes

I came across a batch of these fun old comics, many with a BE theme. You can download them for free here (32 pics, zip file): Boob Jokes If you like these, check out the other classic Good Girl Art comics I have here: Original Art And of course please check out the latest BE […]

AR Comic Poll Results

The poll results are in! I’m posting all the raw data plus my analysis. According to Polldaddy there were 263 respondents to the survey. Some comments may have been cut off – it’s a bit confusing as Polldaddy says they allow a maximum of 200 respondents before you have to pay $200 for an upgraded […]

AR Comic Poll

What do you want to see in upcoming AR comics? Take the AR Comic Survey and let your voice be heard! Update February 7: The poll has maxed out at over 200 responses (!). I’ll post the results shortly. Thanks to everyone who took the poll!

Pauline McPeril Comics

There are three new / old comics added to the Classic Comic Page: Pauline McPeril was a syndicated strip that ran in the 1960’s. Pauline keeps getting into scrapes, and in these she (1) gets shrunk to doll size, (2) meets an inventor with a youth ray, and (3) wakes up as a giantess in […]

New (Old) Classic Comics

There are three new comics added to the Classic Comic Page: Daddy’s Little Girl Veronica pretends to be 10 years old Mirror Mirror Betty and Veronica discover a magic funhouse mirror Small Fry An alien picnic with a difference You can download them here on the Classic Comic Page.

Frank Shrinks

I’m going to try to regularly post some new stuff here. Here’s a rough little animated gif I had made from the cover image of Skyscraper Suzy II. Is anyone out there good at making animated gif’s (or any kind of animations)? If so, please let me know. I’m interested in making more of these.

New Website Design

I hope you like the new design of my website. There are a few small updates – including some new colored Zimmerman pics in the Original Art section, and a new story in the Giantess Stories section. If you have any comments or notice any errors, please let me know by using the contact page […]

The Prize by Catster

Here’s a wonderful couple of pages of “The Prize” by the great Shrinking Women artist Catster!