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Veronica Shrinks to doll size in "Small Fry", a classic shrinking women comic.

Veronica Shrinks to doll size in “Small Fry”

I love these old comics. The artwork is far superior to anything being done today, and the plot devices range from inspired to insipid, or both.

Most have a growth or shrinking element, but others – like “Teen Home Breaker” – are just so wonderfully bizarre that they deserve a web site of their own. This comic  inspired a new erotic Shrinking Women comic, Teenage Home Breaker.

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Archie Comics:
Small Fry Veronica mysteriously starts to shrink
Daddy’s Little Girl Veronica pretends to be 10 years old
Mirror Mirror Betty and Veronica discover a magic funhouse mirror
Picnic An alien picnic with a difference
Small Change Jingles zaps Betty and Veronica
Invasion Archie is visited by Aliens

Pauline McPeril (pdf files):
Pauline becomes a Giantess (sort of)
Pauline shrinks to doll size
Pauline meets an inventor with a youth ray

Playful Little Audrey:
The Incredible Shrinking Dad
The Fantastic Fountains

Wonder Woman:
The Inch High Heroine
The Woman in the Bottle
Island of Giants
Fantastic Fishermen

Other Comics:
The best AR comic ever? Crybaby of Metropolis
AR and SW in The Midget Superman
Dagar Desert Hawk in The Wretched Antmen!
Nyoka the Jungle Girl in The Land of the Diminishing River
Doll Man fights Queen Mab
A great 1950’s Romance Story Teen Home Breaker
Don Winslow of the Navy goes to Amazon Island

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