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33 thoughts on “Thank You!

  1. Arash

    Worked fine for me, was a fun comic. Would love to see more Frank & Suzy comics. Especially in the size change genre.

    1. Ace

      I too am hoping for more Suzy and size changing comics in general, especially another AP/GTS growth comic like, “The Big Splash”

      1. xzell

        I really wish someone can continue Big Little Sister. It would be hot to see Kelly grow even bigger and curvier in several more stages.

  2. potato

    I agree with vended, especially on the pdf comment. Making the comics pdfs makes it a pain for me as I hate pdfs and it takes me about 10-15 minutes of fiddling to extract the images and place them and recompress to a .rar or .zip

  3. Illun

    Not as good as the others. Just rehashing the “big date” with a less detailed art style than most of the Suzy/Marilyn comics.

  4. SM

    Re: Bojays Giantess Cartoons…
    I love the muscle growth in pages 23-25….any chance of more of this? Possible putting it as a full blown comic story? Would be awesome to see.

  5. MagicFocmula

    Very excited to purchase and I really look forward to more male ar.

    Your work is appreciated and I’m honored to obtain.


  6. Piper

    I would have loved to see the regressed volley-ball girls sitting innocently naked in the sand working on a sand castle. Shouldn’t the girls have found better-fitting clothing after a week?

  7. Magniphile

    Good instalment but it made me sad to see that Mom and Amy are shrinking down- I would’ve liked to see more growth content.

  8. jonathan

    is fantastis is great , like me it theme , just of the movie incredible SW scenes.

    please like me do a order , if can doing the versión of Gullivera , when the girl lost in an land of people sw and sm , of she travel to land giants , like me see it , please drawing is , I buy it ok,

    please write me
    thank you.

  9. m

    excellent comic !!
    bojay can use milfs in his works 😉
    but I’m waiting for yard work 9 and a giantess mom .

  10. curt

    mostly bought this for the “that looks like a giant naked ass…heading for out house!” bit and while I guess that paid off (with a nice joke about the housing market) I was disappointed that it was like dream or something. I haven’t read the rest of this series

  11. areat

    It was an excellent read. Please tell me these insufferable catcalling boys will somehow get some karma rebound and end up changed too!

  12. rod

    nice work , I like the arts and drawing !
    but I want to next parts of Yard Works with very bigger and hotter mom and she become double size of the amy and nichol and stay at that size difference ! she is really amazing !!

  13. Elisa

    I guess this qualified as an AR comic? More shrinking, I guess.

    Seemed okay, but good lord, the “young” faces in this are pure nightmare fuel.

  14. Sam

    Love the shrinking woman content, it is always my favorite. I only buy the ones with shrinking, hope you keep making more content.

  15. Areat

    For the baby babysitter part one : What the hell? The teaser showed her as having regressed shirtless, but it’s actually one of these damn stupid “bikini five time baggier magically satying on”. What a huge disappointment. And even the AP is barely visible. :/
    I won’t be buying the next part if that’s how it is. What a bummer. And fake advertising at that.

    1. Areat

      My bad, the teaser actually had her with a bikini top. Excuse me for the things I said. Should have checked twice. I still mean the rest of my message
      AR completely concealed by a bikini defying gravity is a frustrating complete waste of time and money.

      What happened to you Bojay?

  16. Named Person

    Great! Love it! I still wish we could see more of Starlet Stripe, that’s still my favorite comic on this whole site


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