Age Regression Stories

Betsy regresses to a little girl in Girls Gone Child. DreamTales Age Regression Stories

Betsy regresses to a little girl in Girls Gone Child.

A collection of Age Regression and Age Progression stories from my old website, The Shrinker’s Literary Companion.

Beach Blanket Beauties Download Link
You can see the comic version featuring Suzy & Marilyn here:
Beach Blanket Beauties
Frustrated in their attempts to attract boys, Betsy and Cindy try lowering their sights a little.

The Au Pair  Download Link
You can see the comic version by Bojay here:The Au Pair
Cindy teases Katie when she develops a little girl crush on Cindy’s boyfriend. To make up, Cindy takes a youth potion, but finds that Katie has made some changes of her own. Now who’s the little girl?

The Princess and the Potion  Download Link
You can see the comic version by Bojay here: Princess and the Potion
In an attempt to save her kingdom, Princess Delilah accepts a magical youth potion from her servant girl.

A Week at the Beach Download Link
Anne and her new husband Bobby take an experimental youth treatment before they leave for vacation. It’s sort of the reverse of the growth hormones their teenage daughter Lauren has been taking.

A Visit to Aunt Millie’s Download Link
Cindy and her little sister Mary find their relationship moves in a new direction after they each undergo Doctor Johnson’s new growth hormone treatments.

The Rival Download Link
Suzy finds her curiosity gets her into big trouble when she plays around with her boyfriend Tom’s new invention.
Here’s the GTS version: Download Link

The Substitute Teacher Download Link
Betsy, a petite Kindergarden teacher, subs for an unusual high school class.

The Crybaby Variations  Download Link
Here’s the GTS version: Download Link
Two sequels to the great Lois Lane AR story, “The Crybaby of Metropolis,” along with a review of the story.

All Stories Copyright by DreamTales 2010. All rights reserved.

20 thoughts on “Age Regression Stories

    1. dreamtales Post author

      I’m definitely thinking of it. “Crybaby Marilyn” was sort of based on the Rival, but is quite different. And Week at the Beach would be a fun comic. Maybe in the future?

  1. Dominik

    Ein comic mit einen Babysitter der ungefähr 20 ist und auf ein 12 jähriges Mädchen aufpasst und immer wenn er gemein ist 1 Jahr verliert und das Mädchen 1 Jahr bekommt wäre echt super

  2. mmm

    A week at the beach is one big art work and i love how it includes role reversal between mother and daughter gradually and observed by a third party (step father). i wish to see this work in an AR AP comic drawn by Palcomix.
    It can be made also as transgender if the step father was strict to his step daughter find himself regressed by a chemical potion or something and become the little sister. and a second part of it could be in school when the mother decides that he should go to elementary school get bullied by other girls.

    1. dreamtales Post author

      Thanks, I do like Dark Oni’s stories and have actually been in touch with him regarding some AR comic plots. He’s got a lot of great ideas.

      Also agree that Week at the Beach would be a fun comic. Maybe I’ll work on a script for that one?

  3. mmm

    I believe you made Sister’s role reversal and AP/AR so amazing like Betsy and Lauren. i wonder if you can make a sequel for it based on the parts 4-7 of A visit to Aunt Millie’s story?…The presence of other characters as third party such as other kids and rivals will make such sequel spicy and thrilling. especially when the comic shows the comparison between the older sister with other kids who used to be babysat, spanked bossed around by her then found herself babysat with them by her younger sister, get bossed around by the now big kids spanked and humiliated.
    I wish SO much you could make such sequel to Betsy and Lauren using the story of a visit to Aunt Millie’s…

  4. mmm

    Also a script for Week at the Beach would be also so much fun but try to add third party characters such as other siblings..

    1. dreamtales Post author

      Hi, and thanks for the suggestions. People really seem to like “Aunt Millie’s”! I am considering doing comic versions of Week at he Bech, as well as using parts of Aunt Millie’s too. So thanks for suggesting them.

  5. v00d00

    Hi Dreamtales,

    I have to second the calls for a comic versions of ‘A Visit to Aunt Millie’s’! Would be really great to see this! Any chance?


  6. Sarah

    I found your stories on the AR archive the other day and wanted to say something, but that site’s a pain to sign up for. Regardless, I’m not really a person who identifies with having the AR fetish, but that said, your stories are amazing. They’re always exactly what I want to be happening, they’re just so so good. Way to go, keep on writing, all that jazz. You’re excellent at it.

    1. dreamtales Post author

      Thanks for the nice words! I am working on some new (non comic) stories, hope to be posting them some day soon.

      1. ??

        are there any other AR stories by you on the other sites (i have seen ones here and on AR archive) that can be read online?

  7. thomas frey

    I know that this might be crazy,,,, but how about a tom and jerry age regression story where tom is regressed to a little baby and Nancy cares for him and calls in some babysitters.

  8. Alvaro

    Please post something like “A Week at the Beach” in a comic would be wonderful, buy; some time ago; Little Joke’s and it’s perhaps the best work you’ve ever written. This work from what I read looks better. I hope that one day you dare to pass it on to a comic faithful to this story


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