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Bill Ward Good Girl Art Giantess Art

A GGA Giantess pic by Bill Ward

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Julius Zimmerman: The best! One of the most inventive erotic artists working today. Most of these have Giantess or Shrinking Women themes.

Julius Zimmerman

Good Girl Art: Great old gags from the 1960’s. Includes big names like Bill Ward doing Giantess, Shrunken Men and just plain fun artwork.

Good Girl Art Gags

Cluedog: Here’s an Age Regression sequence from Cluedog, who did a great job on my SW comic Journey into Smallness.

Listening WAY too much to the Inner Child

Various Commissions: Mostly SW commissions from various artists on Ebay.

Supergirl by Mike Armstrong
Uncanny Tales Cover by Paradis

Three by Joe Gravel:
Wonder Woman Youth Potion

Joe Orsak: Joe is a really fine artist who sells his work on Ebay under the name reasonart. Most of these are Shrinking Women commissions of a shrunken Supergirl.

Joe Orsak

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  2. Little

    I am a giantess writer with a story over 250,000 reads. I’m inquiring about some giantess art to go along with my story and the characters. You can contact me through email and the art you provide would be linked back to your account to increase your follows. Please contact me at alittleexperience@hotmail.com


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