Shrinking Women Stories

Shrinking Women Stories by DreamTales

Betsy shrinks in “The Prize” (Click to see free comic)

A classic collection of Shrinking Women stories from my old website, The Shrinker’s Literary Companion.

The Prize Download Link
See the comic version here (free!)
Betsy, an aspiring actress with a SW fetish, shrinks to doll size for a promotional stunt.

The Big Date Download Link
See the comic version here!
Shelly has a nice romantic evening with her dream date. Just one small problem, though…

The Science Project Download Link
Little Mollie gets her big sister Gloria involved in her school science project.

Auntie Serena’s Mini-Vacation Download Link
Serena, a stylish urbanite, drops in on her sister’s family in the rural Midwest for a mini-vacation.

Jeena of the Jungle Download Link
Jeena White, globe trotting upwardly mobile yuppie, is on a collision course with a tribe of African pygmies.

Brittany’s Big Bash Download Link
Brittany Ashford, spoiled socialite, is throwing the biggest party of the year – and hires a few little helpers.

The Rival (Sequel) Download Link
Monique loves her new position as president of YouthGene, but finds that a big office can be a liability, too.

Dr. Daster Download Link
Kathy and her new boyfriend Dan Daster have their plans for a romantic evening interrupted by an unusual visitor.

The Slave Trade Download Link
What is causing the disappearance of dozens of Thai bar girls in Bangkok? Terri, a beautiful blonde investigative reporter, is on the case.

All Stories Copyright by DreamTales 2010. All rights reserved.

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